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20 things that only happen when you’re a girl with short hair

People will assume you're a boy, because apparently short hair = man.

The day before I left for college, I chopped all my hair off and I’ve never looked back. For some reason, people still think this isn’t the norm and I get comments all the time. Here are 20 things you might have experienced if you’ve ever had a pixie cut.

1. That feeling you get the first time you cut your hair and wonder why you didn’t chop your locks off years ago.


I had no idea my cheekbones were so amazing. I’ll just be over here taking selfies forever.

2. Everybody will ask you why you cut your hair as if you need to justify it.


I cut it because it looks cute. End of story.

What are they expecting me to say? “I lost a great comrade in battle and I shaved my head to mourn his loss,” or maybe “I’m trying to break into the film industry by getting work as an Emma Watson body double.”

3. The feeling of satisfaction you get when you realize you never have to spend more than five minutes on your hair in the morning.


literally wake up like dis. Every day.

4. People will constantly assume that you’re queer.


Sure, in my case, they’re totally right to assume that. But I know straight girls with short hair, too, I promise!

5. So much so that if you stand next to any other girl with short hair, people will assume you’re dating.


Try to answer the age-old question, “Can women and other women with short hair ever really be friends?” Yes. The answer is yes.

6. Sometimes little kids will stare at you and shout “boy!!!”


I know, I know, it’s confusing. I don’t have the hair length they associate with princesses they see in cartoons!

7. Even grown-ass adults will still call you “sir” sometimes.


I am a feminine-looking cis female, and I still get misgendered sometimes. I can’t even imagine how exhausting it must be for trans and nonbinary folks to have that experience on a daily basis, just because someone arbitrarily decided that “long hair = girl” and “short hair = boy.”

8. When creepy dudes hit on you, they’ll say “I like girls with short hair.” As if you were waiting for their for their approval.


Thank you, random dude standing in front of me in a coffee shop! I’m so glad you don’t mind when girls have short hair. I’ve been waiting all day for a stranger to validate my grooming decisions, and now that you’ve said something we can ride off into the sunset together!

9. People get you mixed up with anyone else who has a similar haircut.


Sure, the girl you’re talking about has a completely different skin tone, features, and style than me…but I’m glad I remind you of her!

10. Hairdressers don’t trust you when you say you want it that short.


“Really? That’s so short!” YES THAT IS KIND OF THE POINT.

11. People are fascinated by what you looked like before you cut your hair.


I looked the same, but with longer hair. I can show you pictures, but it’s not that interesting.

12. People think you need to wear more makeup to make yourself look more “feminine” now.


Once after a hairdresser finished cutting my hair, she added, “Now you just need some lipgloss!” Um.

13. That, or they give you every possible suggestion for what you can do to change your hair.


“You should get a faux hawk!” “Why don’t you grow it out again?” “Have you ever tried shaving it all off?”

No, but why do you think you get input on what I do with my appearance?

14. You still try and proselytize the joys of having a pixie cut every time a friend says they’re considering it.


Join the short-haired girls club! We have meetings every Thursday. You bring the chips and I’ll bring the cookies.

15. Because not only do you look awesome, but your hair never bothers you in the summer.


Short hair, don’t care.

16. When you wait too long to get a haircut, people don’t believe you when you say it’s too long.


It’s about the shape, not the length! It looks so much better when it’s not this awkward middle length. I’ll show you.

17. But when you finally do get it cut, you get so many compliments.


Yeah, I look dope AF. I know.

18. Whenever you see another girl with an awesome pixie cut, you want to ask where they got it cut or take a picture so you can bring it to your hairstylist.


Oh, you cut it yourself? That doesn’t help me!

19. When you wake up in the morning, you have these goofy pieces of hair sticking up.


But don’t worry, they’re easy to fix.

20. Whenever anyone acts shocked that a celebrity looks good with a pixie cut, you’re like, “DUH.”


I already knew pixie cuts were the best, and now the world is finally catching on!

  • Hannah Dean

    Hannah Dean is a writer and activist with a BA in English and Spanish from Goucher College. She spent three years in Madrid having clumsy adventures and writing poems about strangers on the metro, and can currently be found smashing the patriarchy in Eastern Washington.