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10 amazing moments that prove workout clothes look good in every size

Even the most fashion-obsessed woman needs a day off.  

If you’re known for being dressed to the nines and generally slaying the unassuming public with your sartorial choices, then you more than anyone know how sacred your off-duty days are. For plus-size fashionista that rings even truer. Unlike our thin counterparts, we are rarely allowed a day off. A thin fashion-lover can pull an over-sized tee over her head, throw on a pair of joggers, and still be told that she’s serving looks. Plus-size girls rarely have that luxury. Every time they throw on a pair of sweatpants or a worn-in hoodie, there is a risk of being viewed as sloppy or unkempt. However, it’s important for us to reclaim activewear…and that’s where athleisure comes to the rescue.

From Gigi Hadid to Rihanna, we’ve noticed that more and more celebs are deciding to dress down instead of up. And since we love a good pair of joggers just as much as a four-inch heel, we are welcoming this trend with open arms (and messy buns, and fuzzy socks, and a big bowl of popcorn…uh night in, anyone?). Major retail and e-commerce brands are also extending their sizes and giving us plus-size athleisure options as well. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. This bright and supportive sports bra,  $41.17

Thankfully, beige and boring bras are a relic of the past. This neon-colored sports bra will perform double-duty by looking fab and keeping your boobs secure and comfortable.

2. A graphic tee to keep you motivated, $26.17

If you do choose to take your athleisure outfit to the gym, this graphic tee will keep you in high spirits. Hitting that mid-workout slum? No worries! Take a look at your reflection and continue to push through and kick ass.

3. Mesh leggings that allow you to keep your edgy-ness, $15.90

Activewear shouldn’t mean sacrificing your love of fashion. These leggings are stretchy and versatile. But, the mesh-accent along the front also adds a welcomed rocker-chick edge.

4. This classic look, $45

Don’t fix what isn’t broken. These all black leggings will look great even if you’re just running errands on a lazy weekend morning.

5. Cropped leggings that look great in and out of the gym, $44.95

These capris feature a delicate crisscross detail along either side. Pull them on with an off-the-shoulder crop top and no one will realize that you were too lazy to put on “real” pants.

6. A fishnet jacket, $27.90

Slip into this zip-front piece after a visit to the gym for a quick coverup that allows for some much-needed airiness.

7. These tear-away track pants, $35

There’s just something about track pants that give us a 90’s throwback vibe (can anyone say Sporty Spice?).  These are no different and we adore them.

8. A basic pair of biker shorts, $26.94

As the ancient saying goes, “one pair of biker shorts a day keeps the dreaded chub rub away.”

9. This coordinated camouflage set, $44.17

This expertly matched set will make it look like you spent way longer on your outfit than you actually did. But it’s okay, we won’t tell!

10. Boldly-printed slide sandals, $49.95

If flip-flops were a person, these slides would be their cool, outspoken older cousin who had dyed hair, piercings and graduated with honors from an art college.

Whether you decide to take these pieces out for a gym session or if you just pull them on during a lazy Saturday, you’ll manage to stay cozy and trendy. Which is such a delicate and important balance when it comes to fashion.

So trust us, athleisure is a look you’re going to want to get into.

By Shanicka Anderson

Shanicka is a Senior Pop Culture Editor at The Tempest. A writer of Jamaican descent living in New York, she believes pop culture is a necessary and accessible way to observe and critique society. Often and without prompting, she enjoys talking about Harry Styles, BTS, her year abroad in London, and the complexities of the Caribbean diaspora.