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25 things you know to be true if you’ve ever been obsessed with a show

Neverending reruns for the WIN.

I think it’s safe to say that most Americans have watched a sitcom at some point in their lives. But for people like me, we didn’t just watch reruns every now and then. We lived and breathed sitcoms.

Sitcoms guided me through a hard time in my life. When I first arrived in America, watching sitcoms really helped me learn the language and the social cues expected of people. I would watch these scenes in deep observation and mimic them in my day-to-day interactions. Watching sitcoms helped me feel normal in a world where I constantly felt like I stood out like a sore thumb. It wasn’t until much later that I realized that sitcoms are universally amazing.

1. They are timeless.

They truly feel like magic sometimes. They speak to you or address things that are on your mind when you least expect it, whether it be racial issues, relationship issues, parental issues, etc.

2. They transcend cultural barriers.

It’s the best feeling when shows celebrate culture while still working to keep the audience feeling engaged and included.

3. They touch on plenty of real life situations.

There is no better feeling than being understood. Sitcoms are our friends that we can always cry with or laugh with.

4. They make you laugh out loud.

They don’t say that “laughter is the best medicine” for nothing.

5. Some scenes hit you right in the feels.

The best form of therapy is watching someone go through the issues that you’re going through. Usually, a lot less gracefully than we do in real life, so that’s always a plus. When we watch sitcoms, we watch ourselves act as outrageously in situations as we want without worrying about backlash.

6. You agree that Parks and Rec deserved an Emmy because it was the best sitcom of all time.


7. You grew up with many of the characters and enjoyed watching them develop.

You’re genuinely rooting for them the whole time, even if they’re not your favorite character.

8. You really don’t know what to do with yourself when the series is over.

When you’re really invested in a show, it feels like you’re living in its own little bubble. You never want it to end.

9. So you watch it all over again and it somehow always feels brand new.

That’s the beauty of sitcoms, there’s always a scene that feels like you missed it before and there’s always a little life lesson to be learned in each episode.

10. The characters are always unique but somehow follow similar archetypes.

Somehow the characters always remind you of people in your life, even though they are unique to the show. That’s the magic of sitcoms, they always feel familiar.

11.  They just get you.

There is literally a sitcom for everyone. They are so unique that there is bound to be one that fits your taste, if not multiple. Sitcoms make you feel like someone gets your life!

12.  You were so proud of them whenever they did something awesome or did the right thing.

When we get attached to characters, they become our friends and we love to cheer them on and see them happy just like we do with our friends in real life!


It feels good knowing there will always be something on for you to watch and unwind to. Never ending reruns FTW.

14. You love when they promote diversity and inclusion.

Because we love watching people say things that we wish we could say in real life.

15. Even if you don’t look like any of the characters, you can always find something to identify with.

Only a sitcom could make a show about four elderly women entertaining to literally everyone. Who wouldn’t want a friendship this special when they grow older?

16. You feel like they represent America accurately.

The overwhelmed father, the overbearing mom, the sweet girl next door, the token hottie. There’s a character archetype for everyone.

17. One character is always getting ripped on by the rest of the gang.

Garry “Jerry”/”Larry”/”Lenny”/”Terry”/”Barry”/”Gerry” Gergich aka the butt of every joke.

18. They set unrealistic expectations for your relationships.

A photo from TV show King of Queens

It’s true, there’s always a part of us that watches sitcoms to drool over the attractive cast or watch our dream relationship fantasies play out.

19. They are always there for you when you’re down and truly bring you joy.

It’s the simple things that count. Sitcoms are comedies and they provide you with that warm and comforting feeling, which is perfect to brighten up your day when you’re feeling down.

20. You know people would think you’re crazy if you actually did things that sitcom characters do IRL.

Like when would we ever find ourselves in the situation where we need to handcuff ourselves to another human? Right, never. But it sure is hilarious to watch.

21. There is always one character who wears a fat suit.

Schmidt from New Girl in a fat suit.

This is a running joke in pretty much every sitcom. Problematic, but true.

22. Everyone continuously makes bad decisions.

Be honest, it’s comforting watching someone make way worse decisions on television than you ever will in real life. You get to laugh at a fictional character’s pains and joys, which is not always easy to do for your own experiences.

23. They get into relationships way too fast.

There’s no better feeling than falling in love, so watching your favorite characters be infatuated over and over again is secretly comforting to you.

24. There is always one overly dramatic character.

There’s something comforting about watching your favorite characters react in ways you wish you could in real life. Being level-headed takes a lot of effort so secretly relishing in drama queen behaviors helps keep you balanced.

25. No matter what happens, you’re always along for the ride.