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6 life-changing beauty products to get perfect glowing skin this summer

Summer is fast approaching and with this time of the year comes scorching temperatures. But as a makeup-wearing devotee, even weather that is hotter-than-hell isn’t enough for me to stay barefaced for too long. No, I need my face to stay just as flawless as it was during the winter months. I need that perfect skin. That’s where my favorite summer skincare product comes in: facial mists.

Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. “Aren’t facial mists just purified water that’s repackaged in a posh bottle and resold at an exorbitant price?” The short answer: no. While water is definitely a key ingredient in all of these products, many of them are also fortified with extra vitamins and minerals that will allow your skin to achieve its full potential. And every true makeup lover realizes that nourishing and pampering your face is perhaps even more important than finally executing a cut-crease or the latest Instagram beauty trend. Facial mists are enough to keep you hydrated and refreshed while providing your skin with instant hydration.

So this summer, don’t put down the foundation. Just be sure to bring along a bottle of mist and spritz liberally and diligently! Here are a few of our favorite mists on the market:

1. The beloved classic, $12

With aloe and rosewater, this formula is gentle but powerful. Spray on dry, tight skin after a long day for instant relief. This also doubles as the perfect toner right before you apply your moisturizer.

2. The one jam-packed with vitamins, $17

This mist makes it super convenient for you to give your skin the vitamins it craves in seconds. Not only is this mist hydrating, but it leaves your skin feeling plump and fresh.

3. The ultra-hydrating one, $12.50

From the creators of the iconic bottled water brand, this spray is the answer to all of your parched skin problems.

4.  The one that’ll keep you as cool as its namesake, $10.99

This bottle will allow you to take the soothing properties of cucumbers and apply it to every inch of your face. Not to mention the cooling properties instantly refresh you during the summertime.

5. The one with a cult following, $10.95-$22.95

With seawater in its list of ingredients, a blast of this spray will feel like a trip to the beach (without all of the messy sand).

6. The one that’ll keep your makeup in pristine condition, $18.00

The “chill” version of the popular setting spray will keep you cool while also ensuring that your makeup sticks with you all night long.

With the help of these facial mists, your skin is bound to be fresh and hydrated all summer long without having to ditch makeup. While these products may seem underrated, they are truly your key to perfect skin this summer!

By Shanicka Anderson

Shanicka is a Senior Pop Culture Editor at The Tempest. A writer of Jamaican descent living in New York, she believes pop culture is a necessary and accessible way to observe and critique society. Often and without prompting, she enjoys talking about Harry Styles, BTS, her year abroad in London, and the complexities of the Caribbean diaspora.