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Meet 5 women who completely slay the winged eyeliner look – and 5 that need to reassess their choices

Winged eyeliner is overrated, like seriously overrated.

So my opinion may be unpopular, but I have a point.

Now I am not a poster girl for fabulous makeup tutorials or anything like that.  But I do know that I think winged eyeliner is overrated, like seriously overrated.  People have started using this awesome and edgy makeup style for an everyday look and it’s just not working.

Winged eyeliner looks great with complete and full outfits. But they require full and complete outfits as well as an eyeshadow look.

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I know what you’re thinking.  Makeup is a form of self-expression.  It is personal to the wearer and makes them feel good about themselves. Who cares about everyone else’s opinions?  You’re right.

I just think that we have a really cool technique here and it should be exploited to its full potential.

Winged eyeliner has the potential to finish off a hype outfit with the right amount of sass and power.

The eyes are probably the most important tool in our huge arsenal of awesome things about women and we should use them. In this world of rape culture, patriarchy and discrimination, women need to use everything they’ve got to stand up for themselves and one of those things is winged eyeliner.

[bctt tweet=”Winged eyeliner has the potential to finish off a hype outfit with the right amount of sass and power.” username=”wearethetempest”]

It has the power to complete a great look with an insane amount of badassery, enough to put on that extra confidence.  Let’s look even more fabulous while we change the world.  Let’s use this style of eyeliner to expand upon our confidences and use it to push us over the edge of just plain awesome to complete fabulousness.

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Still don’t believe me?  Just look at these 5 fabulous women who finish their look flawlessly with winged eyeliner.

1. Emma Watson’s eyeliner ability is everything I want to be in life.

Image result for celebrities winged eyeliner -cat

Emma uses winged eyeliner flawlessly to finish off her look.  She’s wearing a cute lacy dress and her hair is tidy, yet the eyeliner gives her a pop of badassery.  She looks fabulous and in control; aka she has harnessed the power of winged eyeliner.

2. Adele is just the picture of beauty.

Image result for celebrities winged eyeliner

This look finishes off Adele’s fantastic blouse with her lipstick and then the winged eyeliner to put her over the top.  Even her hair looks chic, adding to the effect of the strong eyeliner. Be Adele, people.  Just look at her!  She’s so fabulous already and now her makeup just compliments her awesomeness.

3. Lauren Conrad sporting a casual but classy look.

Image result for celebrities winged eyeliner

Everyone can sport a perfect winged eyeliner look if you have the right amount of flair. Lauren Conrad looks simple yet elegant with her top knot and black shirt. The rest of her makeup is light and simple, but the winged eyeliner pulls the look together. She’s so cute and perky in this photo that she is just killin’ it with the eyeliner choice.

4. This beautiful girl killing the makeup game.

This beautiful girl on Pinterest has a glamorous look. The winged eyeliner adds the perfect amount of sass and drama to the bold red lipstick and smokey brown eyeshadow. If everyday people can harness the power, so can you!

5. And this chick who has taken colorful to a new level.

Image result for bad winged eyeliner

One reason why I do like winged eyeliner is that of the variations you can create. You can use different colors, glitter, etc. to make your eyes pop. Look how cool this is. The incorporation of color makes her look super badass. This girl has accomplished the winged eyeliner look and I must say I wish I could do this kind of makeup.

But people have been using winged eyeliner all wrong.  You can’t just throw on this awesome technique every day and call it a look.  It needs eyeshadow and an outfit to go with it.

Let’s look at some women who did not use their winged eyeliner power to its full potential:

1. This model is beautiful, but the eyeliner does nothing beneficial.


Personally, I wouldn’t call this a look. This is just winged eyeliner that needs something extra in order to complete its purpose.  Eyeshadow, blush or just some lipstick would help out this model’s look and put her winged eyeliner to good use. Right now, it seems as if she has a completely bare face and then there is the harsh contrast of the black eyeliner.

2. Katharine McPhee forgot her eyeshadow.


Come on, you’ve got the voice, but now you need the look!  Don’t leave your winged eyeliner out in the cold give it some friends in the form or powder or lip gloss. This style of longer, more defined wings is epic, but it needs a little something more to finish itself off in this look.

3. Kesha went a bit too heavy on the wing.

Image result for bad winged eyeliner

Kesha, at least add some crazy hair or lipstick to even that whole thing out!  Again, we can’t just let our wings out there on their own.  Makeup needs friends in the form of a killer outfit or just some eyebrow pencil.

4. This girl who needs to lay off the bottom lid.

Image result for really bad winged eyeliner

In this look, her eyes look closed up and smaller. The harsh eyeliner all around her eyes makes it more dramatic, and with barely anything else on her face, it doesn’t create the best look.

5. Angelina…you need more.

Image result for celebs winged eyeliner

This look needs more.  I love you Angelina, but this needs more foundation and something more to continue out the fabulousness that is the winged eyeliner.

Winged eyeliner is a powerful makeup tool to transform ourselves into the badasses that we already are inside to show outside.  Makeup is a strong tool that can make an impact or impression on someone before you even talk to them.  In this world of patriarchy and capitalism, it is important to use our arsenal well and correctly to make a strong impact.