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Just because I’m a makeup junkie doesn’t mean I’m looking for your judgment

I don't wear makeup to look hot for the boys.

I am here to remind you all that I do not wear makeup for you.

I am tired of people questioning my choice to wear makeup and this comes from both women and men.  Some women think less of you for wearing makeup and putting all the “fake crap” on your face, while some men think it means I am trying to impress them and only them.  It is an invitation for them to invite themselves over.

I am tired of Thought Catalog articles about how men feel about women who wear red lipstick, because who gives a shit about their opinion?

I put on makeup because I like the way it looks on me.

Sometimes I want to feel pretty. I have the perfect Urban Decay pallet that is years old but still manages to make my eyelids the perfect mix of browns to make my blue eyes pop.  Or sometimes I am feeling not so great physically and want to remind myself how badass I really am. Sometimes I want to feel like that awesome older woman who leaves lipstick rings on her coffee cup because for some reason it makes me feel older.  Sometimes I saw something cool online and I want to try it out.

[bctt tweet=”Sometimes I want to feel like that awesome older woman who leaves lipstick on her cup.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Or it’s for that moment when I’m drunk and in the bathroom and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think wow I look awesome.  It’s to give me a bit of a confidence boost for this scary job interview even if it’s on the phone.  Makeup makes me feel good, and that’s all there is to it.

[bctt tweet=” Makeup makes me feel good, and that’s all there is to it.” username=”wearethetempest”]

And sure sometimes I put on more makeup when I am about to meet someone new because it’s an excuse to wear something new or try something new.  Makeup can be as essential as your favorite t-shirt in the way in provides comfort.  It’s time to stop letting other people have opinions on what you choose to put on yourself.

Makeup becomes something else than what it is when people try to judge you.  Makeup is just makeup until someone tries to make it into something else.  I am not my purple lipstick or my bright pink cheeks.

[bctt tweet=” I am not my purple lipstick or my bright pink cheeks.” username=”wearethetempest”]

Makeup is fun! There are always new palettes to explore, new brands to try or just new combinations. Sometimes it’s just fun to mess around with new colors and see what happens.  I am not hiding my insecurities behind a full get up, nor am I trying to be something that I am not.  I am me and that’s what matters.

Sometimes I don’t have a reason, and you know what, I don’t need one.  I can choose to put whatever products I want onto my face or sometimes I choose not to.  Whatever you want to do is what you want to do and that is all there is to it.  Stop projecting your insecurities onto my fabulous look.