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Glitter tears are the latest thing to hit the beauty world, and we’re SO here for it

Glitter tears use glitter and jewels to recreate the look of a good cry sesh, and it's way more beautiful than it sounds

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Glitter tears are the newest beauty trend to hit Instagram and we are totally here for it. At first, this trend sounded totally nonsensical. Like, what do glitter tears even mean? Well, it’s the use of glitter and small jewels to recreate the look of smudged makeup that results from some serious ugly crying. Still sounds a little nonsensical, right?

Like why would you want to make it look like you’ve been crying, but with makeup?

But, as weird as it sounds, this trend is taking the Internet by storm.

To really understand how beautiful the trend is, you have to see it in action and done by really good makeup artists. So, here are some of the best examples of glitter tears from the #glittertears on Instagram.

1. This goth-y masterpiece.

woman with black glitter tears
via Instagram

2. This “starry-eyed” look.

woman with stars and red glitter tears
via Instagram

3. We’re green with envy over this look.

woman with green glitter tears
via Instagram

4. The gold really makes that melanin pop.

black woman with gold glitter tears
via Instagram

5. This cat-eye glitter tear combo is extra in all the right ways.

woman with cat eye makeup and glitter tears
via Instagram

6. These sheer gold tears are everything.

woman with sheer gold glitter tears
via Instagram

7. We can’t even handle this beauty.

drag queen with glitter tears
via Instagram

8. That crescent moon accent though.

woman with gold glitter tears
via Instagram

9. Pretty in Pink.

woman with pink glitter tears
via Instagram

10. This detail work is so above and beyond.

woman with extremely detailed glitter tear makeup
via Instagram

11. This bedazzled beauty.

woman wearing jewels with glitter tears
via Instagram

12. Those shooting stars.

woman with shooting star makeup
via Instagram

13. This jeweled Queen.

woman with jeweled glitter tears
via Instagram

14. These tears that match her hair.

woman with silver hair and silver glitter tears
via Instagram

15. An ocean-toned palette.

woman with blue and teal glitter tears
via Instagram

If you’re looking to replicate this amazing new trend, check out this fabulous makeup tutorial. Go forth and slay, world!

Robin Zabiegalski

Robin Zabiegalski

Robin Zabiegalski is the Editor of the Love section of The Tempest. She is a full time writer and editor. Her work has been published on The Tempest, xoJane, The Talko, The Bolde, and Kinkly. She also writes fiction and her work has been published in an anthology called "Fermenting Feminism" and in "Adelaide Magazine." Robin has a BA in Professional Studies from Johnson State College and she is passionate about feminism, body image, writing, snowboarding, and backpacking.

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