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Here’s the life-changing makeup tutorial for anyone with acne

Chances are if you have acne, you’ve had someone tell you to stop wearing makeup. The idea is that it clogs your pores and makes your acne worse. The truth is, though, that wearing makeup over your acne only becomes a problem when you don’t take care of your skin in the first place.

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It’s okay to put makeup over your acne because your pores are going to clog, anyways.  If you want to look fabulous as your skin takes its given course, then you should! I’m no dermatologist, but in my experience taking a few precautions can help you protect your skin and wear makeup too.

1. Take extra steps when wiping your makeup off

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The most procrastinated part of the day has to be wiping away your masterpiece before bed. It’s worth that clean and fresh feeling, though, and you should relish it as you go to bed.

Some makeup tip lists suggest keeping makeup wipes near your bed, but if you have acne, that is so insufficient. Makeup wipes dry out, even in packaging that is designed to protect them. You can wet them with micellar water (which, by the way, should also not be considered sufficient to wipe off a proper application of foundation by itself if you’re at risk of breaking out). Wipe from forehead to jaw to avoid redistributing oils to different parts of your face. Your nose should be the last spot you wipe.

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After wiping down your face you can make sure you really wiped the makeup layer off by pulling out a strip of acne clearing wipe or cotton pad with micellar water on it. If tan hues show up on the cotton, your makeup didn’t completely come off before. Don’t forget to wash your face with a cleanser and dab dry with a clean towel to ensure that you’ve really cleaned off any leftover makeup, dirt, and oil.

Note: To restore your skin after all the wearing and washing, you can look into which oils and moisturizers benefit your skin type as you get your beauty sleep.

2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

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I’m not just saying this because you have to make sure your glands don’t go haywire from dryness. While that is true too, moisturizer will keep your skin supple which will help your makeup stay on. When you have acne, you forget that everything that you put on your face has some shadow of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in it, just because that’s what you’re used to having around.

You’re also used to washing your face really well and might lose sight of the line between clean and dried out. So your skin dries up and your makeup flakes off.

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It can be weird to put more goop on your face when you work so hard to keep it clean to prevent further breakouts, but a gel moisturizer should give you that hydrated and clean feeling that can help your skin heal. There are even moisturizers designed to help with acne that come in gel form, like tea tree lotions.

Drinking plenty of water should also be included in your efforts to keep your skin hydrated (and decreasing the odds of breaking out!).

3. Clean. Your. Makeup. Brushes.

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Your foundation brush was not orange when you bought it, and it should not be orange the next time you use it.

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If it’s not enough of an incentive to wipe down your blush brush to avoid breakouts, at least keep in mind that the makeup will apply better if it’s from a clean brush.

After all, you don’t want to apply your rose highlight with a brush that had deep pink makeup residue left on it from a bold decision you made last night. It could mess your look up.


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Don’t mess up your makeup. Even if you’re not wearing makeup, don’t touch your face. Don’t peel makeup out of your pores. Don’t blend or apply foundation with your fingers. Don’t aggravate your skin.


5. Hunt down makeup with the least damaging potential

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There are drug store foundations by lines like Neutrogena that contain acne-fighting ingredients, and it’s better that they don’t hurt your skin even if they don’t clear it. These foundations and concealers apply pretty nicely and look good too.

If you want to drop serious cash on good foundation or primer, it could be worth looking for one that causes minimal comedogenic damage. Brands like Prescriptives and Clinique are worth checking out and sampling.

6. Keep your face towels clean

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After you’ve cleaned off your makeup, you don’t want to put the dirt back on your face by using a dirty towel. Plus, when you wash your face before wearing makeup in the morning, you don’t want to have that layer of dirt already present on your face to put your makeup over.

7. Make it a habit to exfoliate – and get the occasional facial!

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Gently exfoliating from once to a few times a week could help keep your skin polished, especially if you need it to recover from consistent applications of makeup. If you find products or ingredients that you trust, you can give yourself a facial at home too.

It’s worth keeping in mind that you don’t have to follow all the DIY ideas you stumble across, because some of them may not be for you. Some beauty gurus might be predisposed to having less problematic skin and their ideas just work out on them better.

Don’t be hard on yourself if your skin doesn’t turn out as nice as the guru’s was before she even applied the skin products on her face.

It’s literally her job to make products and techniques look like they work.

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You can wear light layers of makeup to tone down your redness or you can go all out to have that smooth and flawless look. In either case, if people without acne can wear makeup, you can too. In the process of taking extra care of your skin to prevent breakouts, you’ll get into good habits to keep it young and radiant. I wish you slay-status looks and happy healing for your skin!