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THE EXPOSÉ | Episode 36 | “Wrap My Hijab” feat. Mona Haydar

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Do you look like a visible minority? Have you ever had to answer petty questions about your culture? your appearance? Well, Mona Haydar managed to answer all these petty questions with this one badass song with an equally badass video, which has now hit over a million views! Kat and Laila uncover everything from misplaced misogyny to what sparked Mona to step into the music industry and create this dope song.

Here’s a link to Mona’s masterpiece:
Mona Haydar – Hijabi (Wrap my hijab)

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Narmeen Saiyed

Narmeen Saiyed

Narmeen Saiyed is the Executive Producer of The Exposé, a podcast where we peel back the layers around a taboo topic, onion-style. A BioSci and Psychology graduate. She's all about vanilla lattes. An avid Disney fan, and can sing along to most of the musicals (even though she can't sing).

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