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10 of the most gorgeous niqab styles that I’m obsessed with

PSA: We want to look good for ourselves, not men.

Anybody who knows me knows I am all about modest style options. As a woman who has worn the niqab for several years, I experimented with the different styles and types of niqab-friendly outfits.

These are some of my favorite looks – but who knows, that might just change soon enough.

1.  Soft blues highlight this ethereal look

niqabi in blue

The sky blue is an excellent choice since it softens the black on the top half of the look. The lace on the sleeves is so lovely and ties the black and blue together. This baby blue satin dress is perfect for any dressy occasion.

2.  French jilbabs are very “in” right now

red french jilbab with black niqab set

The french jilbaab extremely easy to put on for the day. Many women say they feel this style is demure and elegant. The burgundy jilbab pictured is paired with a black one-layer niqab and glove set.

3. Wear your favorite Snapchat filter

niqabi in tunic with flowers

From the bright pink of her Quran to her white sneakers, I am in love with this look. All of the pastels work together flawlessly here. Her skirt brings a neutral color to the outfit while packing a punch with the lace pattern. She picks up the same color from her skirt in her shoes.

4. Pair a one-layer black niqab with any color scarf

tranquil niqabi

Another common niqabi look is to wear a black one layer niqab with a colorful shayla (scarf). By wearing a different colored scarf each day, one can potentially wear the same black abaya and single-layer niqab all week without most people noticing if you really wanted. Looking for a glasses-friendly everyday look? Find a no-pinch black niqab at SunnahStyle.  ($14.99 USD)

5.  Be fearless with a brightly-colored niqab

paige in pink niqab stylish

I simply adore this shade of pink on this model. This gorgeous deep pink niqab looks great in warm climates. The black suede jacket creates a bad-girl vibe while the pink niqab softens the look. Together, this is a one-of-a-kind style inspiration for any urban Muslimah. Find this beautiful pink niqab at Misk of Jannah from Germany. ($24.16 USD)

6.  Spruce up your wardrobe with this green khimar set

niqavie green niqabi

This look is great for a spring collection! The contrast of color between the forest green and the soft pink reminds me of a beautiful French garden. Take a look at the flattering ruffles on this niqab set!  One can purchase this set at Niqavie. (RM89 or a little over $20 USD)

7. Butterfly niqabs look absolutely chic, hands down

nino widosari butterfly niqab
Nino Widosari Boutique

Nines Widosari’s butterfly niqab design is flattering, adorable, and on point. At the time of publication, I could no longer find these niqabs at her store, but I hope they return soon. I especially loved the wide variety of colors available in this style. The satin edges of her ruffled veil really pull the look together. The closest I could find for this style was the satin trimmed butterfly niqab available at Sunnah Style. ($28.99 USD)

8. Be at the peak of fashion

niqab yellow haura

Qibtiyyah Exclusive is a modest fashion line from Malaysia that creates beautiful veiled looks for all women.  The widow’s peak niqab is quite fashionable right now in some countries. I have only found this look in black so far but I think black is the classiest color for this style. This look is called “Niqab Haura” and can be found here. (RM49 or USD $11).

9.  This unique design is great for the fall season.

I'esha fall design

Plaid pulls together this look in my opinion. If you are seeking for something to start your fall collection with next autumn, this is a great look. The solid red abaya creates a lovely background for the hijab and niqab set she is wearing. The one-layer white “Niqabi Queen” niqab she is wearing is an I’esha original and she has them available in several colors through her company, Mi Modesty. ($35 USD)

10. Everybody needs a go-to black dress

black niqabi

It’s like the little black dress of the niqabi wardrobe – everybody has one. It’s honestly very interesting to me because in Western countries, the all-black look is considered gothy but in some Middle Eastern areas, this dark look comes off as the essence of elegant femininity. Regardless of which culture one is from, this style is classic.