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Meet Robyn Smart, groundbreaking children’s book author, mentor, and CEO

Be confident in what you do and listen to your inner self.

Robyn Smart is an incredibly powerful and independent writer living in South London. She is a mother, writer, mentor and CEO for Unlimited You Empowerment Program.

Robyn is currently taking the world by storm with her self-published children’s books, that focus on diversity and the human experience. She is an inspiration for any woman experiencing obstacles in her path and struggling to surpass them.  Her first book was My Magic Scarf published in 2015, and her second is Who Am I? which was published last month. She focuses on children’s books and promoting diversity within the genre. The Tempest spoke with her about her ambitions within the children’s book industry.

The Tempest: Your website mentions that your book was self-published.  Why did you choose to go that route?

I decided to self publish in order to have more control over my books. Quite often books of a diverse nature by diverse authors are not always accepted by the large publishing houses. Having a degree of autonomy enables me to decide when and what to publish, catering for a diverse market.

Your website also mentions that you were planning on attending law school when you decided to become a writer instead. How did you make such a serious decision?

The decision in fact was taken out of my hands by an unknown illness which plagued me during my time at law school. During my third year I completed my dissertation from my hospital bed. Once my degree was completed I continued to be ill, and despite having the offers from top law colleges to complete my [law degree], I had to decline due to continuous admissions to hospital. I asked God to guide me in my next venture and here I am.

What advice would you have for women who also are faced with life-changing decisions, like you went through?

I would say, ask God or whoever you believe in to grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change. I would say, have faith in yourself, your capabilities and your fortitude and keep focused on your goals but accept there may be a change in your path, but keep steadfast in the knowledge that you were put on this earth for a reason. To make your imprint, to make your footprint however small.

Why have you decided to write children’s books? What about the genre is important to you?

My decision to write children’s books is to be the voice of children. To help express love, hate, pain, all feelings that children quite often cannot express themselves. The genre of children’s books are profoundly important to raise the profile of our children, future leaders.

Do you have any more books planned yet that you could tell us a bit about?

I do have a number of books planned, however I am giving My Magic Scarf and Who Am I? some time for people to know and understand me and my style of writing.

What would you say to young women looking to get published?

Follow your mind in which avenue you decide to publish through. Whether indie or traditional believe in yourself and your product. Get friends and family to preview your work, although the final decision should be yours based on what your spirit and inner feelings tell you. Be confident in what you do and listen to your inner self.

This interview was edited for length and clarity.