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Feeling awful? It’s time for a detox.

Just get to your kitchen.

Feeling under the weather? Try making yourself some bone broth. It’s easy to make, full of potent nutrients, and will get you back to feeling good in no time.

Okay, so bone broth might sound a little icky to you, but give it a shot and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s a simple way to get bring some high impact nutrients into your blood stream pretty quickly without the negative side effects of eating animal meat.

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While you can buy bone broth in a store, don’t. You can make it at home really easily and it’s much better for you to consume whole ingredients anyway, eliminating any preservatives or weird factory processing additives.

It’s made by boiling a bone in water, like a chicken carcass or bones you can get for cheap from the butcher section of a grocery store like Fresh Market or Whole Foods. In the process of cooking, the bone marrow is pulled out of the bone and put into the broth. When you pull out the bones and let the broth cool down, the good stuff rises to the top, much like a cream plug in organic milk from a farmer or the jelly that rises to the top after you refrigerate some meat or soup.

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The gelatinous, fatty goop that rises to the top is the good stuff – don’t throw it away and try not to reel from the absurdity of its jiggle. It’s not the best looking thing, but it contains nutrients and has myriad benefits. Ben Greenfield, host of the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast, dedicated an entire episode to bone broth (and talks about it all the time). 

The long and short of it is that bone broth, when cooked slowly with natural ingredients the old-fashioned way, can help heal your all-important gut after a stint of poor nutrition, help build more muscle tissue, and has lots of natural electrolytes to replenish your reserves when you’re under the weather. So, it’s basically a miracle potion, but with scientific proof to back it up.

Bone broth keeps well in your fridge and can be spooned out and added to any soups when you’re feeling something coming on or if someone at your office or in your classroom is sick. I like to keep a large mason jar in my fridge a the back and make soup at least once a week, especially in the colder months. Sometimes I don’t even add much to it – just sipping on bone broth by itself (remember to heat it up!) will give your system a good swift boost.

With weather changing and allergies taxing your immune system, you know you’re more likely to get hit by some little cold, so get to the store and put the pot on the stove.

You’ll be glad you did.

  • Perry Hodgkins Jones

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