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THE EXPOSÉ | Episode 35 | “It’s Time to Talk About May Day”

It’s May 1st, which most people know as International Workers’ Day or Labour Day. So we get our fingers right into what needs to be discussed: is protesting a privilege? Are we going to remember the workers who fought and died protesting for 8-hour work days, the end of child labor, and worker rights? And what about the undocumented people within the US – are we going to recognize them?

This week, we’re missing Kat and Laila but Esther pulled through as we spoke to Alejandra Primavera Cruz-Blanco. Alejandra works with Cosecha, which is a nonviolent movement working to win permanent protection, dignity and respect for the 11 million undocumented people in this country. You can learn how to support them by joining their movement here and following them 

Emmylou – First Aid Kit
Heron Oblivion – Orair

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Narmeen Saiyed

Narmeen Saiyed

Narmeen Saiyed is the Executive Producer of The Exposé, a podcast where we peel back the layers around a taboo topic, onion-style. A BioSci and Psychology graduate. She's all about vanilla lattes. An avid Disney fan, and can sing along to most of the musicals (even though she can't sing).

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