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The perfect combination of relaxing songs after a long and stressful day

After a long day at school or work, you’re exhausted, mentally drained and need to destress. You have a million things to do when you get home but don’t want to think about them as you’re driving home. Wouldn’t you much rather just take your mind off work load, listen to some good music, and sing your heart out?

This is the mix I listen to on my drive home.

It’s a mix of songs about the ups and downs in life, friendships, relationships, and everything in between. These songs are both emotional and uplifting-making them a great combination to listen to as you’re driving on the road. This mix will take you through the journey’s and lives of the artists and leads you to pause and reflect on your own life experiences. So here goes…

1. Castle on the Hill || Ed Sheeeran

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This single by Ed Sheeran takes you on a ride to his home town of Framlingham, England. It’s nostalgic and reminiscent of memories with old friends and journey’s with ex-lovers.

2. Love Me Now || John Legend

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This is the lead single from John Legend’s fifth studio album, Darkness and Light. According to Legend, the song is all about living and love to the fullest, despite life’s obstacles.

3. All Time Low || Jon Bellion

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If you had a bad day at work, then this is the song to listen to. It’s not the most uplifting, but it’s comforting in the sense that you’re not alone. It’s a pretty emotional song,  but it’s great to sing along to when you’re stuck in traffic.

4. Say You Won’t Let Go || James Arthur

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This single by James Arthur is from his album Back from the Edge. In the song, Arthur discusses the importance of patience and sacrifice in relationships.

5.  Paris || The Chainsmokers

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This single by The Chainsmokers is now doing better in the charts than their previous hit “Closer.” It has a softer touch and is perfect for a long drive home.

6. Shape of You || Ed Sheeran

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Sorry, but I had to put in another Ed Sheeran song. This song is too good not to include and it has been at the top of many charts recently,

7. Unsteady || X Ambassadors

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This is the kind of song that is perfect to sing along to when you’re along in the car. To be honest, I wouldn’t want other people listening to me singing my heart out to “Unsteady.”

8. Mercy || Shawn Mendes

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In this track, Shawn Mendes is asking his lover to be gentle with his heart. Though it has a somber touch, it’s perfect for the long drive home.


Because we love you, we compiled all your new favorite songs in one playlist. Enjoy!

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