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THE EXPOSÉ | Episode 31 | “There is No Glass Ceiling”

From the work family balance to the effective leadership styles, what do the ladies think about women in leadership?And how to we make leadership theory practical?  And how do minions fit in? Are we making this all up and it’s just in our head? You might want to listen in because we definitely have an opinion about this.

Shakira – Dare
Rihanna – Don’t stop the music

If you’re looking for some more songs to move your hips to, here’s this week’s playlist to match your vibes:

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Narmeen Saiyed

Narmeen Saiyed

Narmeen Saiyed is the Executive Producer of The Exposé, a podcast where we peel back the layers around a taboo topic, onion-style. A BioSci and Psychology graduate. She's all about vanilla lattes. An avid Disney fan, and can sing along to most of the musicals (even though she can't sing).

Shelby Moen

Shelby Moen

Shelby "Moe" Moen is an artist by trade, she enjoys writing and illustrating works that celebrate diverse women, particularly queer women and their stories. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a BA in Communication and additional certification in Digital Media, Graphic Design, and fun hair.

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