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Season 2 of “Attack on Titan” is (FINALLY) out, get ready with a recap of Season 1!

I have waited far too long for Season 2, and I’m sure lots of you have, too.

Spoiler Alert: Everything from Season 1.

Guys. It’s really, officially, ACTUALLY happening. Season 2 of Attack on Titan (AoT)!

For anyone who may not have had the time to re-watch all 25 episodes of the first season (which came out and garnered an enormous fanbase back in 2013): here’s an in-depth recap of everything you need to know.

For starters, here are 10 Titan details that are going to be important to remember:

1. Several hundred years ago, the human race was almost completely eliminated by the Titans; all that remains of the human race is the people inside of the wall, three of whom are Eren, Mikasa and Armin.

2. They resemble humans in appearance, but without any reproductive organs.

3. Their skin is tough and has regenerative abilities.

4. Their size, while generally gigantic, does vary, the largest being the Colossal Titan.

5. They are incredibly strong, but also incredibly light, making them excellent killing machines.

6. Their primary objective seems to be eating human beings, but they don’t seem to need to eat or drink in order to survive, so they do it for…fun?

7. The napes of their necks are weak points; Eren climbed out of the back of a Titan’s neck when he reappeared.

8. They emit steam when wounded, so they presumable have high body temperatures.

9. Some are “abnormal” and show signs of intelligence (like the infamous Female Giant) or deviations from the norm.

10. Some Titans can also assume human form after eating them; similarly, Eren is a human who was eaten by a Titan, and can now assume Titan form.

Who are our remaining main characters, what are their backstories, and what’s going on with them now?

Eren Jaeger

Eren started off as a character who was young, somewhat naïve and had just experienced the trauma of watching an evil Titan devour his mother. He then dedicated his life to destroying every last Titan, but there was one problem: Eren wasn’t very good at much of anything during his military training.

At least not at first.

Eren was the classic, likeable underdog during the first half of season one who grew and developed into a passionate, motivating leader for his peers, constantly giving them purpose. He died a well-liked hero, fighting the good fight, or so we thought.

When Eren “returned from the dead” later on in the season, he reappeared not as a human, but as the “Rogue Titan.”

Eren’s Titan form made him a potential threat to other humans; he became the target of his own people.

Recon Corps then decided that Eren needed to learn to control his ability to transform into a Titan, and possibly control himself after transforming as well, in order to be seen as an ally instead of a threat.

During his training with the Spec Op Squad, Eren learned that he could take Titan form by inflicting a wound on his own body and simultaneously having a clear, focused goal in mind.

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa was introduced in the beginning of the show as Eren’s childhood friend who seemed quiet and shy, at first. But she was vicious when Eren was in danger.

She he had seen too much death and pain as a young child and was joyless, stoic and protective of her loved ones because of it.

In fact, Mikasa was so protective of Eren that she joined the military solely to ensure that she would be with him whenever he was in danger. She graduated top of her class without really trying, much to the envy and admiration of her peers.

Every time we see Mikasa fight the Titans, we are reminded of her unmatched skill and natural ability.

She loves hard, even though she doesn’t always show it unless she’s saving someone’s life from a gruesome death, but she doesn’t take any bullshit.

Armin Arlert

Armin, another childhood friend of Eren’s, joined the military not for revenge or to protect the person he loved, but to make a meaningful, positive difference in the world. Since childhood, he desperately wanted to see the “outside” world beyond the walls.

Armin is the brains of the operation. He’s sensitive and doesn’t always believe in himself, but he’s a strategical genius.

Armin actually graduated at the top of his military class, academically, but constantly doubted his own abilities even at that time. He saw himself as a coward and a liability.

But over the course of the season, Armin stopped seeing himself as a burden. He realized that his intelligence was a weapon in itself and saved countless lives by using that weapon against enemies and, even more importantly at times, a shield for his friends.

So, who was the Female Titan at the end of the last season and what made her so important?

Annie Leonhart

The Female Titan was none other than Annie Leonhart. Remember Annie?

Annie was once a part of Eren’s squad; she used to be a human. This revelation explained why she, in her Titan form, specifically did not kill Eren when she went on a murderous rampage. Eren chose, after much internal conflict, to fight and kill Annie in her Titan form, even after her identity had been discovered.

Finally, here’s a final, critical piece of information AOT Season 1 left us all those years ago:

There is hope.

After an entire season of essentially nothing but sudden deaths, violence, destruction, trauma, unbeatable odds, and a seemingly all-powerful enemy, we are left with a tiny glimmer of hope. The fight, although it’s been a losing fight for humanity thus far, still isn’t over.

Our heroes are stuck in the very center of Shiganshina, but there is a secret hidden in the basement of Eren’s childhood home. There, Eren’s father had performed experiments on Eren and injected him with some kind of mystery serum. His father ensured that Eren had no memory of this.

The rest of the answers are presumably right around the corner, waiting for us in season 2. Get hyped, everyone. It’s showtime.