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A real coffee addict has done 15 or more of these things

Coffee owns you and you're totally okay with that.

1. Waking up and immediately thinking about where and when you are going to get your first dosage of caffeine for the day.

2. Not being able to do anything productive until you have your coffee.

3. Walking into a coffee shop and the baristas know your order because you’re a frequent customer.

4. Showing up late to class because the line at Dunkin’s was longer than you thought it would be.

5. When someone asks if you’re having a bad day and it’s because you haven’t had your cup of joe yet.

6. Becoming five times happier when you smell coffee.

7. Getting extremely excited when you earn a free drink at Starbucks because of how much money you’ve spent there.

8. Buying coffee to motivate yourself to do work.

9. Buying other people coffee to make them happy.

10. Having deep conversations about life with people at coffee shops.

11. Not being able to resist driving by a Dunkin’ Donuts without going in.

12. Looking at people with confusion and pity when they say they “don’t like the taste of coffee.”

13. Getting through half of the day and thinking about when you’re going to get your second cup of coffee.

14. Bonding with people over your collective love for coffee.

15. Memorizing how your best friends take their coffee because of the countless coffee runs you’ve gone on together.

16. Getting very upset when your coffee isn’t made the exact way you like it.

17. Wishing you could get coffee into your system through an IV.

18. Being sad when you’ve finished your cup of coffee.

19. Not knowing what to get as a gift for someone so you decide on a Starbucks gift card or a new mug for them.

20. Buying more cute coffee mugs even though your cabinets at home are full of them.

21. Going to bed and thinking about the coffee you’re going to have when you wake up in the morning.