23 impossibly pretty Muslim bridesmaids killing the game right now

Because your guests must know that you did not come here to play.

1. These jewel tones are the absolute complement to your bridal glory.

2. Every color of the rainbow, represented.

3. The scarf wrap combinations happening here.

4. Who said there was a rule against anyone other than the bride wearing white?

5. There’s no going wrong when you bring in hues of gold to your squad.

6. Can someone back us up on the absolute beauty happening here?

7. Midnight blue & gold is the ultimate color combination.

8. Beside the sheer joy, weย love those simply lilac dresses!

9. Vibrant color schemes never fail, ever.

10. Here’s to taking it back to your roots, and slaying it at the same time.

11. Flower crowns are the perfect accessory to any bridal outfit.ย 

12. Absolutely dying at how fun this turned out.

13. That deep turquoise – and that sassy tiny bridesmaid, right?!

14. Absolutely vibrant ocean theme, anyone?

15. These mustard pattern & deep red color combinations are to DIE for.

16. Sharing joy is the best part of having bridesmaids.

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17. If you need proof that your outfits don’t all need to match, here it is:

18. That moment you and your squad totally matches the decor.ย 

19. *speechless*

20. There’s no such thing as too many gorgeous bridesmaids, amirite?

21. Proof that friendship can absolutely match your wedding attire.

22. Give us a moment to admire this ultimate #SQUADGOALS.

23. When the hues of lavender save the day.