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25 struggles that hit too close to home if you wear hijab in America

Wearing hijab in the United States can be very difficult at times. While some people are friendly and accepting, others can be downright hateful and rude. Hijab is an important part of our lives as Muslim women and many of us have experienced similar struggles.

1. Being asked if you shower with your hijab on

2. Having like a million hijabs but wearing the same four, constantly

3. People referring to your hijab as “that thing” or…”a towel”

4. People constantly asking “aren’t you hot in that?” during the summer

5. Having a bad hair day, but being able to cover it with your hijab

6. Constantly getting “randomly” selected at airports

7. Misplacing your pins aaall the time

8. When people tell you your English is really good

9. Watching random hijab tutorials on Youtube for hijabi fashion inspiration

10. Using your hijab to cover your nose if there’s a bad smell

11. Being able to find your mom easily in the grocery store because she wears hijab

12. Getting scared that your hijab will fly off when it’s really windy outside

13. Playing along when people ask if you stick pins in your head

14. When you eat and a bunch of crumbs fall into the folds of your hijab

15. Not being able to hear well when you’re wearing a satin hijab

16. When people ask if you have to sleep with your hijab on

17. Getting asked if you buy your hijabs from a special shop, when it’s really just as easy as going to the mall

18. Getting excited when random strangers compliment your hijab

19. When people ask if you feel “oppressed” because you cover your hair

20. Laughing on the inside when you’re boarding a plane, and you know people are scared of you – and that they’re hoping their seat isn’t next to yours

21. Knowing that there is nothing worse than hijab tan lines

22. Struggling to put earphones in

23. Being asked if you’re allowed to go swimming

24. Getting told to “go back home” by racist bigots, but laughing because you’re American and this country is your home

25. Knowing that your hijab makes you awesome, always

By Ayah Galal

Ayah is double majoring in journalism and political science at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. She loves coffee, books and traveling. Ayah is passionate about combating Islamophobia through the media.