Science, Now + Beyond

17 GIFs that explain the weird things in this world

Watch and learn. Or just watch.

1. You can relight a candle from its smokey vapor trail:

2. This is what happens when you put soy sauce on a dead cuttlefish:

3. The craziness of hydrophobic sand in water:

4. Dry ice and dish soap together make a spooky smoke bubble:

5. This is how a vine finds something to hold on to while it grows:

6. When a star gets sucked into a black hole:

7. How the human face develops in the womb:

8. This is what happens when you throw boiling water in below freezing temperatures:

9. This is how dogs actually drink water:

10. An octopus can hide itself much better than you ever thought:

11. This is how chains are made:

12. What a water balloon popping looks like:

13. This is how a slinky falls:

14. An egg underwater keeps its shape (so why are they so hard to poach!?):

15. There are such things as flying snakes:

16. What a day looks like without a sunset in the Arctic summertime:

17. This is how keys work:

Is your mind blown?