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Tomi Lahren isn’t on anybody’s team but her own, America

Don't be fooled by Aryan Barbie pandering to anyone who will listen.

Conservative talk show host Tomi Lahren has neither a firm viewpoint, nor any moral compass, which as a pundit is dangerous stuff. Tomi Lahren’s incongruous media personas are nothing new, which is amazing considering she is only a few short years out of college. Back in January, a video surfaced of Tomi on her college TV show, The Scramble, espousing totally sensible viewpoints about global warming and gun control. Today, though, she is known for parroting far-right talking points with a “fuck you” attitude that, combined with her resemblance to an Aryan Barbie, has won her a loyal following in conservative America.

This week, she was at it again.

Speaking on the daytime talk show, The View, she said “I’m pro-choice, and here’s why. I am a constitutional, y’know, someone that loves the Constitution. I’m someone that’s for limited government, so I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government, but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies. I can sit here and say that as a Republican and I can say, you know what, I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

She has now been suspended from The Blaze, the right wing news network run by Glenn Beck, where she has hosted her show, Tomi, since October 2015. It was on her talk show that she said “Think about it: the “pro-choicers” are supposed to be about rare and safe abortions. That’s how they avoid sounding like straight-up baby killers…Then we have Lena freakin’ Dunham out there wishing she could have murdered a fetus. Wishing for the option to kill your child doesn’t exactly say much about the cause, her character, or the pro-choice movement.”

She went on, “And here I thought the loving Left…were all about peace, and love, and light, except when it comes to the unborn, I suppose. Then it’s a different story, a story they write and rewrite to fit their narrative…” Lena Dunham’s tone-deaf comment, also widely criticized by the pro-choice community aside, this is how Tomi talks about the pro-choice movement when she knows her adoring alt-right fanbase is watching. This persona has no relationship to the moderate conservative she was pretending to be on The View. Or maybe it’s the other way around, not that it makes a difference.

It’s clear that for Ms. Lahren, all of this is merely a popularity contest and she will say anything to endear herself to her audience. She channels whatever values will garner the most praise and/or news coverage. 

It doesn’t matter what Tomi Lahren says she believes; the fact is she uses her immense platform to be boldly racist and to pander to the most fanatical, conservative factions of American society. It doesn’t matter if she thinks something moderate in private, she’s still the person who publicly compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK after the shooting of two police officers in Dallas- exploiting a tragedy to get attention with her pernicious race-baiting.

Source: Dallas News

Tomi went off on actor Jesse Williams after his comments at the BET Awards about the killing of Tamir Rice. She said there was no racial inequality in America and that Black Americans should be more grateful to the white soldiers who fought the Civil War. “Equal Rights? Please tell me, Mr. Williams, what rights black people don’t have?” she said. “Also, white people? We do, in fact, have a record of critique of your oppression! In fact, do you know how many of our ancestors fought in the Civil War to free your ancestors? Bloodiest war in the United States history was over what was right, and it was largely white people fighting in it.” Her disgusting comments don’t end there.

Recently, while defending her beliefs on immigration, again on the Blaze, she referred to refugees as “rapeugees.”

She also falls over herself to praise the President who has a track record of sexual harassment, sexist rhetoric, and numerous sexual assault allegations. Her comments on the leaked tape of Trump displayed an extreme lack of empathy and disregard for women. “This recording does not surprise me at all. Be honest – most of you aren’t shocked either,” she said, “It’s Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman reality star, not the Pope. Is anyone really that taken aback by what he said? Don’t try to shame women who still support Trump. No, we aren’t crying in the corner about this, and that doesn’t make us any less woman, so save your pity.”

If we’re lucky, right wing America will abandon her to pick up the pieces of her brief, but vile career and Tomi will shrink back into obscurity once her fans realize she has no integrity. All she has is a thirst for attention, and she will destroy anything and anyone to get it.