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THE EXPOSÉ | Episode 29 | “Divide in a Time of Social Media”

Our relationship with social media’s changed since President Trump took office. It feels less of a comforting place to stay connected (which it was initially designed for) and more of a debacle where everyone’s shouting their fears, frustrations and arguments into the abyss. How do we bridge this divide? Or IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE? Stay tuned for the funny question thrown by Laila in the end.

M.I.A – Bad Girls
No Doubt – Spiderwebs

Reading List:
Facebook is making me hate my racist friends and relatives

If you’re looking for some mellow vibes, here’s this week’s playlist to accompany your tea/coffee-time:

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    Fatima is a stay-at-home mom to an energetic five-year-old. Having written for several publications over the years, she is a beloved blogger and content writer. In this woeful world of robots, humor is something she appreciates; be it in books or blood.

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