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This Somali-American refugee is making history in city politics – and she’s not backing down

Deeqo Jibril is passionate about all that she does and applies herself to everything with all of her heart.

In District 7 of Boston, there is somebody who put in a new bid for Council. Her name is Deeqo Jibril and she is an inspiring single mother of four children. She says her life’s purpose is to give and grow.

As an advocate for the Somalian community in Boston, she created the Somali Community and Culture Association (SCCA) in 2009. She is not only the founder and executive director but also a current board member in this organization. The goal of the SCCA is to empower Somali women through education, services, and support.

She has worked with the ABCD Housing Department and Roxbury Children Services as a case manager helping immigrants to understand and obtain affordable housing across Massachusetts. She worked for the political campaigns of Governor Deval Patrick and Senator Elizabeth Warren, and with State Senator Jarrett Barrios. Ms. Jibril is a self-described advocate for social justice and immigration, and these values show in her work.

She works with the Boston Police Department to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the Somali and Muslim communities. Deeqo organized the first Boston Police and Muslim youth dialogues as well as the FBI Somali youth academy. She also organized the first iftar between her local community and the law enforcement which had over 200 attendees. She works very hard in her community to battle radicalization as well. 

“Deeqo Jibril announced her candidacy for the District 7 City Council seat on February 1, 2017. She cited the Muslim travel ban as a catalyst for her candidacy, saying she felt inspired by the millions of people who were fighting for American inclusivity. Deeqo also said she wanted to be an inspiration for other immigrants to run for political offices across Massachusetts and the country.”DeeqoJibril.com

I hope to see others become as inspired by Deeqo as I am. She came here from Somalia when she was 12 in 1991 as a refugee and she persevered through all the hardships that come with migrating to a new country to get where she is today.

As if she didn’t have enough accolades, Jibril started the African Market in Boston and also began the Women’s Financial Literacy Program, which provides a roadmap to homeownership. Deeqo has worked with Goodwill and Strive to help immigrants get lasting careers, as well as being a solid resource for Somali people to navigate the job market. She teaches people how to use existing career-based technology, for instance.

Deeqo Jibril is passionate about all that she does and applies herself to everything with all of her heart. Deeqo is a mother, an advocate, a humanitarian, a refugee, a Muslim, an American, and a community leader.