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11 amazing outfits for every young hijabi professional

Fact: a little flair here and there is what sets these outfits apart.

As a hijabi, it can be pretty challenging finding business professional clothes for interviews, jobs and other special occasions. When you can’t wear shift dresses or pencil skirts, it can be difficult finding a stylish look for the workplace.

I remember literally Googling “professional hijabi looks” before my first internship to try to get some ideas.

If you wear hijab and need some fashion inspiration for the professional world, we have got you covered. These looks will help you look both stylish and professional for your job or internship.

1. Pair a white blazer with white pants for a clean, streamlined look.

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If you’re working during the summer then you may want to give this style a shot! White pants, a white blazer, a white top on a pastel colored hijab. A gold watch, beige pumps and a beige purse will top off this outfit!

2. Wearing a black maxi dress keeps your work first, style second.

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3. Bring simple sophistication using a dress shirt tucked into pants.

If you don’t want to wear dress pants you can opt for a black maxi dress with a black blazer. The burgundy belt and purse add a sophisticated look to this professional outfit. You’ll also want to wear a lighter colored hijab.

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This is a great look if you want a simple and comfortable outfit for work. Tuck your dress shirt into your dress pants, add a belt and your hijab and you’ve got a great looking going. It also doesn’t hurt to add a necklace and heels!

4. Pair cargo colored pants with solid colors for a simple look.

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These cargo pants look super cute with a white shirt tucked in and a long navy sweater. The pointy flats dress up the outfit and the burgundy hijab matches the outfit perfectly. This is a simple and comfortable professional look!

5. Patterned pants and a solid color blazer works well at work – and after work.

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Patterned dress pants are a great alternative to solid skirts or pants. With a creme shirt and blazer and a blue hijab, this outfit matches perfectly. You can dress it up with red high heels or keep it simple with black flats.

6. What could go wrong with black on black?

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All black everything looks SO chic and is great for night time work events or late work shifts! This look is simple yet so bold. In addition to the black pants, blazer, and heels, you can even add a red necklace which will surely pop out!

7. In cooler seasons, this pairing will make a soft statement.

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This beige and creme look is perfect for the fall. Tuck a white shirt into beige palazzo pants and add a comfortable sweater. You can wear beige or black heels and a simple white hijab to top it all off.

8. Make a solid statement with this bright outfit.

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This coral colored suit is absolutely breathtaking. It’s perfect for a spring or summer internship and goes well with an off-white or navy hijab. Add some gold accessories and beige heels and you will definitely have a killer outfit.

9. Palazzo pants and a striped dress shirt will underscore any statement you’re looking to make.

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This is another simple and comfortable look for the summer. Tuck a white long sleeved shirt into black palazzo pants and add black or red heels. A necklace and watch are a must for this style!

10. There’s no such thing as too much creme in composing the perfect suit.

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A creme colored suit is both simple and classy. It’s a great choice for the summer and you can basically wear any colored hijab. You can also mix and match with different colored shoes, just be sure you don’t spill anything on your outfit!

11. Embody simplicity with a blazer and long skirt.

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A patterned blazer on a long skirt is a great look any time of the year. With a black or red hijab and silver heels, this is another elegant business professional look. And don’t forget to add a silver watch and necklace!