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Tech Bytes: Medium’s Series, Facebook Messenger Day, and CIA Leaks

Time to get paranoid, world.

It’s certainly been a happening week in the tech world.

Snap Inc. went public with a promising IPO but shaky week in the stock market.

On a different note, Facebook launched stories with Messenger Day. Because Instagram and Whatsapp stories weren’t enough, now you’ve got Facebook stories too. They really wanted to make a point and prove that you can be a tech company and steal like an artist.

Although Messenger Day was initially a feature in a selected number of countries, it’s now a feature in the Messenger chat app. This is a neat read on how to use it, in case you’re wondering. Just do your contacts a favor and don’t upload the same snap on every platform you’re on.

Messenger App Image

And, our latest addition because it hadn’t made headlines in a while: Medium. They haven’t been in the limelight since their public announcement about downsizing and why they messed up. But, this is a step forward, Medium’s Series are mobile stories that unfold card by card with a tap, and can be added to over time.

Think snap stories, but for writers. You can add a title, text, and photos to your series. Will this be a success?

Screenshot of Medium Series
Property of The Tempest

It could be. But, it’s just rolled out, so the user feedback will decide. Medium has excellent content; but, they’re in a race to figure out a business model that’s not ad-driven. This seems to be a relapse into beta mode where Medium’s adding new features, while they figure out who they are and what works.

Think self-actualization and personal growth, but from a tech and finance perspective.

But all that aside, the most major update of all has been from WikiLeaks; their leak called “Vault 7” released 8,761 CIA documents that are about techniques used for hacking and surveillance. These documents have details on how the CIA is able to break into users’ computers, mobile phones and encryptions (including Whatsapp, Telegram, and a bunch of others).

Hacking smart TVs to use them as microphones for surveillance is just another example of what’s been making headlines. It’s time to read 1984 and watch Citizen Four. And, if that doesn’t make you paranoid enough, watch Black Mirror and Mr. Robot.

And on that note, Mashal Waqar, signing out – until next week.

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