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ANGRY GIRL MIX: The Indie Rock Persuasion

For when a misogynist cheeto is inaugurated and the only thing that can quell your rage (for even a few moments) is Heath Ledger circa 1999.

Too many people got complacent after the liberals won power in the early 90s. But not Kat Stratford, the heroine of Hollywood’s most feminist rom-com probably ever. Kat sought to eliminate even the most casual misogyny in her daily life. Constant vigilance. If women everywhere were more like Kat, we might not be in the position that we’re in now. Our course of action now is clear: double down on our angry feminist personas.

I always identified very strongly with Kat because I, too, spent my formative years listening reading The Bell Jar and making boys cry. I grew up listening to the kind of punk rock music that underground London, Seattle, and DC bands made in response to our last global swing to the right in the 1980s. Merkel, Trump, and May are building a political climate ripe for a new wave of angry feminist music in the west. And now that I’m not a nine-year-old living in majority white Ohio, I’m woke, and I have my own stable internet connection, I can listen to artists from around the world express their displeasure with the fascists in power.

Get ready for the next four years of austerity and xenophobia with this angry mix of classic reactionary feminist punk and new bad grrrls.

1. Modern Girl || Sleater-Kinney

Source: The Independent

Starts off slow, like back in October when we all thought Tr*mp would be handily defeated, and gets steadily angrier until we’re marching on Washington.

2. Bad Girls || MIA

Source: Hark the Sound

MIA is everything the new administration is scared of: angry, femme, and brown. And this song is a JAM. Shout out to all the angry brown femmes who are going to f*ck sh*t up this weekend.

3. I Live Off You || X-Rey Spex

Source: NPR

Poly Styrene was the most powerful WOC on the punk scene in the 1970s. Here she sings about the exploitation that we’re all going to have to fight off under the Tr*mp administration.

4. Feels Blind || Bikini Kill

Source: The Daily Dot

Too many great riot grrrl bands are known only by their male associates. Fuck Nirvana. (I actually really like Nirvana but they’re not relevant today. Well, not on this site and not on this playlist.

5. Do You Like Me Like That? || Bratmobile


Just another angry rant against privileged men: “the only thing you know is your rich, white world.

6. Typical Girls || The Slits

Source: The Guardian

My brother introduced me to a lot of the music I now listen to, but I found the Slits after my feminist awakening in college. And then he got mad that I hadn’t told him about them. Typical boy.

7. Spider Webs || No Doubt


Listening to this song after ten years made me realize how blessed we are to be able to block text messages instead of having to pick up a phone, tell a man you don’t want to see him, and open yourself up to his entitlement and vitriol. Autonomy was fun while it lasted, right

8. Get Off The Internet || Le Tigre


No, really: get off the internet and meet me in the street to destroy the right wing.

9. Boys Wanna Be Her || Peaches


Peaches fucking hates your gender roles and will dismantle them whenever they can. This song is also recognizable now as the intro song to Samantha Bee’s web videos.

10. Kill V. Maim || Grimes

Source: The Guardian

Be aggressive. Declare a state of war. 

Because we love you, we compiled all your new favorite songs in one playlist. Enjoy!

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