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Trump’s reversal of trans bathroom rights is a step backwards for civil rights

The president of the country needs to protect each and every person in that country. This is a serious mark against that.

Last week, President Trump came out with a letter that undid much of the progress the Obama administration did for trans students. Under the previous administration, transgender students were free to use the bathroom of their choice. Using Title IX, Obama advocated for the inclusion and respect for all trans students.

This change in interpretation is harmful for the morale of the country, and Trump is not taking trans issues as seriously as he should.  The president of the country needs to protect each and every person in that country.  This is a serious mark against that.  Trump stated that creating new bathrooms is costly and does not need to be done, which is extremely arguable.

The federal government does not have to protect and provide bathrooms for trans-gendered people because of what Trump has decided.  But, there may be a few silver linings to the situation. Many states already require protection of this sort.  California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Colorado, Utah, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine are states that have laws that prohibit discrimination for sexual orientation and/or gender identity.  These are still relatively safe spaces for everyone.

Also, President Trump said that trans people should use the bathrooms that they want.  This is a better step than a statement that would have required students to use the bathroom they “biologically” match with.  Therefore, there is hope.  If we can stand in solidarity with the members of the LGBTQ+ community, there is still room to improve.

There are ways we can fight this change in policy.  Protest, support, and volunteer for groups that protect trans rights.

Remember that you have a voice.  Call your senators and representatives.