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#ShePersists: The Fighting Ignorance Mix

It’s 2017 and the world is definitely changing, seemingly for the worse.

Thankfully, though, there are some pretty amazing people who are kicking butt every single day- by fighting ignorance and injustice with grace and poise. This playlist is for all you women; when you’re taking down the patriarchy with a simple walk to your desk. Or when you’re tearing down walls of ignorance, as if they were built by a 5 year old’s LEGO-loving hands, and not thousands of years of pent-up prejudice. You are part of a legacy of world-changing women. Here’s a mixtape you can listen to while you flip peoples’ worlds upside down. You’ve got this.

1) Run The World (Girls) || Beyoncé

It’s hard not to feel Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls)” song coursing through your body as you march and persist with your fellow sisters (and brothers) around the world. And if anyone tells you that you can’t do something because you’re a girl, play this song and remind them how powerful you are!

2) History Has Its Eyes On You || Christopher Jackson


Hear that America? It’s not just the world that’s waiting for you to pick yourself up and fight back against the ignorance you seem to be showing lately; history has its eyes on you. Will you move back in time to darker days or race to a brighter future?


3) My Shot || Lin-Manuel Miranda

The time to fight is now when the world seems to be crumbling a little more every day, so don’t throw away your shot at making a difference. Listen to Lin-Manuel Miranda pump you up for what’s about to go down!


4) Castle || Halsey


If you’ve ever wondered what song would be playing in the background as you take down the patriarchy, then look no further! “Castle” is the song you want as you stand up to all the people *cough old, straight white men cough* that try to tear you down.

5) Warrior || Ke$ha

Critic of Music
Critic of Music

“Warrior” is the song you want to play when you’re about to kick the doors down with your squad right behind you. Be unafraid to lace up your boots, grab your girls (and guys) and march down the streets crashing down ignorance and hate with the swipe of your foot!

6) Raise Hell || Dorothy

Wonderland Magazine
Wonderland Magazine

There are a couple things that a girl always needs with her at all times: a phone and its charger, maybe some makeup and an insanely hellish song to listen to as you stride into a place, about to tear it up. “Raise Hell” is that awesomely insane song you need in your life as you flip people’s worlds upside down.

7) That’s My Girl || Fifth Harmony

Shine On Media
Shine On Media

This is the song to listen to when it all gets too much and it feels like it’s easier to just stay down. Just pick yourself up with your head held high and your fists at the ready <3

8) Never Give Up || Sia

Sometimes the fight gets a little too much and you wonder if what you’re doing is even worth it. Sia and I are here to tell you that every little thing you do adds up to a huge movement so play “Never Give Up” and keep on going; you’ve got this!


9) Superwoman || Alicia Keys

Let Alicia Key’s raw voice wash over you as you fight both the big and small injustices life throws at you. Don’t forget, no matter what, you are a Superwoman and you can get through anything!


10) Fight Song || Rachel Platten

LA Weekly
LA Weekly

Okay, we all knew this song was going to be in here, I mean it literally has the words “fight” in it! It’s also in here because “Fight Song” is a really good song to play in the faces of the people you have taken down after they’ve told you that you couldn’t do it.


Because we love you, we compiled all your new favorite songs in one playlist. Enjoy!

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By Malak Hakam

Malak Hakam is a marketing and supply chain double major and, as a young entrepreneur, Malak has at least six businesses running at a time. Her other hobbies include website & graphic design, reading and writing.