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20 realities that’ll hit way too close to home if you’re an ex-gymnast

I quit after eight years of gymnastics training to go to college, but I still love the sport and anyone like me will relate to these 20 things.

I did gymnastics for eight years, and when I quit my life was in a bit of a whirlwind. I was co-captain of my high school gymnastics team and working/practicing at my local YMCA, where I first discovered the fun of gymnastics.

I quit because it was time for me to go to college, and I was not good enough to make it onto a college gymnastics team.  But, I still love the sport and anyone who is like me will relate to these 20 things.

1. Your hands are soft now, but you miss the huge callouses.

gymnastics gymnast chalk stick it

I used to not feel anything on my palms.  Those were the days, am I right?

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2. You still have abs, but you don’t know how.

look abs dem

I quit three years ago and absolutely hate going to the real gym, but that four pack is still there, baby.

3. Your boobs grew two sizes a month after you quit.


I hit up Target and Victoria’s Secret REAL quick.

4. Life still feels better upside down.


Handstands, headstands, you name it, I love it.

5. You feel most comfortable without shoes on.

gymnastics beam viktoria komova russian gymnastics kictoria komova

It just makes gripping the beam and the floor so much better.

6. You hate going to the “real gym” because working out is more fun at gymnastics.


When you’re trying to learn a new skill while also joking around with your friends it doesn’t feel so hard doing one extra push-up.

7. You’re still tight with your coach.


My old coach sends me pictures of his new baby, what does yours do?

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8. Your body can still crack in ways that gross out your friends.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon jimmy fallon nbc tonight show jeff goldblum

Hey, wanna see this gross noise I can make with my wrist?

9. You were injured too many times to count.

sports stick it

Fun fact: I legitimately broke my ankle doing an act similar to this gif.

10. You miss the feeling after you perform a perfect routine.

fail gymnastics lazy head first

“Wow I just kicked that routine’s ass.  Suck it, judges.”

11. You miss being able to flip at any moment, because that’s the best part about spending your life on a spring floor.

America's Funniest Home Videos fail beach gymnastics ouch

Excuse me, *flip* oh, you were saying?

12. You miss your friends, because teams who bleed together stay together.

friends applause clapping clap jennifer aniston

The gossip time while chalking up is precious.

13. You miss being able to eat all the carbs you want without getting fat.

love food pizza amor hungry

Pizza all day, every day.

14. Your body can still stretch in strange ways.

funk soul split blackpeople soul train

Can I still do a split three years later? Hell yes.

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15. You’ve broken at least one bone.

Brenfi purple accident crack bone

I broke two and fractured my back.

16. You know weird-ass workouts that no one has ever heard of before.

Nike olympics gymnastics just do it simone biles

Ever heard of fire hydrants?  Supermans?  Windshield wipers??

17. Your feet used to look like you worked on a farm without shoes.

vintage summer driving feet

Mmmmm nothing sexier than a good pair of callused and chalk covered feet. (They also totally did not look like this gif).

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18. You’re obsessed with watching college gymnastics and Olympic gymnastics on TV.


And you secretly wish you were them (if you’re like me and not good enough for college gymnastics).

19. You have an insane amount of ribbons, medals and trophies from level four and up.

The Simpsons bart simpson episode 21 season 9 awards

Mine take up an entire shelf, any ideas on what to do with them?

20.  You miss it.

Culture gymnastics latino latina fierce

You miss the community of gymnastics: the ability to work harder and genuinely cheer for your teammates while they perform. I know I do. Whether you did it for a year or ten, it was an incredible experience.