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The Ultimate Twitter Roundup: The Oscars 2017

The 2017 Oscars ended up being one of the most tweet-worthy nights of television we've seen in a long time.

Every February we get to experience the glory that is the Oscars. The glam and the glitz of the red carpet. The teary acceptance speeches. The cheesy host skits. And of course, the celebration of the power and impact of fine cinema. Each year the Oscars give us the opportunity to recognize the hard work of the people who entertain and educate us through film.

The Oscars also give us a great opportunity to blow up Twitter with our very own Twitter commentary. Here are some of the best tweets that happened throughout the night.

The Red Carpet

1. Things started off with Kris Jenner not understanding the ACLU ribbons

2. But then we were blessed by the sight of Lin Manuel Miranda, who brought his mom as his date.

3. The stars of the Oscar nominated films showed us how black is beautiful

4. We marveled at the cuteness of Sunny Pawar

5. We began to discuss the merits of the Best Picture nominees

6. Naomie Harris touched us all talking about her role in Moonlight

7. We all threw up in our mouths when we saw Mel Gibson with his girlfriend

The Ceremonies Begin:

8. Jimmy Kimmel asked us to unite and we collectively rolled our eyes.

9. There were some #MuslimBan jokes about Jimmy Kimmel’s beard

10. We talked about the racial implications of the Best Picture nominees

11. And the importance of the stories of POC

The Awards Begin:

12. We all rejoiced when Mahershala Ali became the first Muslim to win an Oscar

13. We cast some spells to protect the show from being stolen by La La Land


15. We began to realize that Jimmy Kimmel was the wrong choice

16. We discussed the gender gap in Hollywood

17. Then tiny parachutes started dropping from the sky and we had Hunger Games flashbacks

18. We reflected on how our President’s actions were effecting the show

19. Viola Davis won Best Supporting Actress for “Fences” and we collectively lost it

20. And we took a moment to appreciate the Queen

21. We celebrated with the young cast of Moonlight as the wins for POC started rolling in

22. We were confused by our lack of disappointment

23. And a real live Polynesian Islander Disney Princess sang us a song

24. Irania director Asghar Farhadi won for The Salesman and spoke out against Trump’s hate

25. We realized that this year’s ceremony may be an historic one

26. Then we reminded ourselves that a little progress isn’t good enough

27. We begged for more Asian casting

28. And things started to get weird when they brought in tourists off the street

29. And we felt all sorts of things

30. But most of us smiled when this engaged couple got to take a selfie with Denzel

31. Then Ryan Gosling ruined it all

32. And Jimmy Kimmel made fun of an Asian woman’s name, just like he’d made fun of Mahershala’s name earlier

33. And we got mad

34. And we made fun of him for being racist

35. We took comfort in the fact that these handsome men hugged

36. We got mad again when a movie by a proven bigot (Mel Gibson) started winning things

37. And we started to worry

38. We pointed out the hypocrisy of it all

39. We cheered when a movie about Syrian refugees won and Orlando von Einsiedel quoted the Quran while accepting the award.

40. We were sad that a movie about animals learning tolerance won instead of Moana

41. We reminded ourselves that immigrants have value every day, not just when they win Oscars

42. Jimmy Kimmel held Sunny Pawar up like Simba and we lost our shit

43. We took a moment to reflect on how Hollywood creates negative perceptions

44. And perpetrates microaggressions

45. And furthers negative stereotypes

46. We continued to marvel at Jimmy Kimmel’s racism

47. We got nervous as La La Land racked up more awards

48. We celebrated when Moonlight won for Best Adapted Screenplay

49. And we applauded the on point acceptance speech

50. We shook our heads when Barry Jenkins lost the Best Director category to the Director of La La Land

51. We raged when Casey Afleck beat our Denzel Washington for Best Actor

52. We went back to the hypocrisy of it all

53. We felt for Denzel

54. We hung our heads again when Emma Stone beat out Ruth Negga for Best Actress

55. We brought back #OscarsSoWhite

56. We collectively lost our shit when La La Land was announced as Best Picture

57. For a moment we resigned to the decision

58. Then we raged

59. But then…

60. There was a major plot twist

61. We were so confused

62. And then we were ecstatic!

63. We made the obvious Steve Harvey joke


The Oscars were definitely a wild time full of triumphs, lows, and incredible surprises. Check back throughout the week for reaction pieces from The Tempest!