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THE EXPOSÉ | Episode 26 | “How to Trump Your Self-Care”

With Trump in office, we need all the self care help we can get to guide us through the next four years (and not fluffy self care like just eating organic).  How can we take care of ourselves while we fight back for our rights?  And how can we maintain our mental wellbeing in a world where being “woke” has become a competition?  And the most important question of all; why is it important?

This week’s weird question comes courtesy of Kat: Which famous TV couch would you like to “jump” on?

Bishop Briggs- Pray (Empty Gun)
Bakermat ft. Alex Clare- Living 

If you’d like to hear more songs at this point to Trump self-care routine, here’s our new playlist:
F*ck Trump: The Resistance Mix

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Shelby Moen

Shelby Moen

Shelby "Moe" Moen is an artist by trade, she enjoys writing and illustrating works that celebrate diverse women, particularly queer women and their stories. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a BA in Communication and additional certification in Digital Media, Graphic Design, and fun hair.

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