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Ed Sheeran’s newest songs are my new favorite thing

Ed's third newest song in two months after a year of silence. It's incredible.

Ed Sheeran is finally back into our lives and I have to say I am pretty happy about it.  After taking a year off from social media and touring, he released two new songs early January and two weeks ago came out with the music videos.  Now, he has released another new song on February 17 and I am just so ready for the album.

His new album “Divide” comes out March 3. I saw Ed Sheeran in concert during the summer of 2011 in Melbourne, Australia and again the winter of 2012 in New York City.  So, I am a pretty avid fan.

It happened, guys. “How Would You Feel (Paean)” came out and I am in love.  I didn’t think I could get more excited for “Divide” but here I am.  This song is now out on Spotify and Itunes.  It’s loveliness rivals “Thinking Out Loud” and “Photograph.”  Basically, don’t overplay it too much because this is about to be everyone’s wedding song, and that’s a beautiful thing.  Ed Sheeran is awesome at getting us in the feels, and that’s where I am, people.  Go listen.

Though some would say that Ed is a little too lovey-dovey, I disagree.  His song “Kiss Me” was written specifically for his relatives wedding and many other songs are based on true events.

In his music video for “Shape of You,” he amazingly used a woman of color as the female lead and it is awesome.  It also isn’t just a music video about falling in love with a girl at a bar.  It is more than that and that is part of what I love about Ed Sheeran.  He shows the world that real music is being honest. The woman also leaves Ed in the music video, which I think is important to point out. Most stories and rhetorics of the past and today involve the prince charming and the swooning of the female, but here she has power. She chose to end the relationship, granted this is only a music video, but this is a narrative that is sometimes overlooked in popular media.

What’s more interesting is that the song was originally meant to be sung by Rhianna, but I personally prefer Ed’s voice with this.

“Castle On The Hill” is almost more powerful than “Shape of You.” It brings the listener back to their roots and the music video emphasizes that.  This song is a perfect exploration of the difficulties of growing up as well as remembering what once was.  He goes over past experiences, and then somberly recalls the present where people are different and have changed.  It makes you remember your childhood in a good way, and mourn the loss of the innocence we all once had.  Ed Sheeran’s music tends to make us remember things we may not necessarily want to remember, like “Small Bump” and “Photograph.”  However, it is important for the popular singers of the day to provide music with more than just repeated messages.  There are so many songs on the radio right now that spit out the same chords and tunes, but it is important to recognize a singer who is following their own personal taste in music, and providing links to his life that others can connect to as well.  Song like “Give Me Love” and “Even My Dad Does Sometimes” are doing what music should do by connecting people through experiences, sound and feeling.

Basically, Ed Sheeran is a great argument for why we should all take a year off from social media and politics and just basically everything and get back to who we are, for some that is being an incredible singer, others it can be whatever you want it to be.  Sometimes a break is better for the purity of our artistic soul, or maybe we can just get some rest.  It’s your call.