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Perfect gifts only math and science nerds in your life will appreciate

Is your friend a future biologist? Astronomer? Show your appreciation with these gifts.

Being a college student, I know a lot of talented science majors. Budding scientists study a lot, and need some appreciation to keep on going. What better appreciation than lots of THINGS? Here are some of the coolest science gifts I’ve spotted online:

For your environmentally conscious friend.


Get your friend something to wear for the upcoming science marches. Or a handmade patch and a pin to stick on their backpack on the way to their environmental studies class.

Know any neuroscientists?

I Heart Guts

Theres always the one person obsessed with brains. Get your neuro-major (or zombie) friend some things to cuddle with, like this giant neuron or this brain plushie. Or something to keep the sun out of their eyes as the ozone layer breaks down.

For the future biologist in your life.


Show your love with these anatomically correct heart stickers and badges. If your friend is more of a head over heart person, get them this hand-embroidered skull.

For the chemistry nerd.


We all know that chem majors party the hardest. But when it’s studying time, get your friend some gifts to boost their energy level.

For the astrophysicist.


These travel posters will make your friend leave you to go live on another planet. If you don’t want that to happen, you can always give your astro-nerd friend some nice soap or candy instead.

  • Natalia Marques

    Editorial Fellow Natalia Marques is a sophomore at Wellesley College, studying Political Science and Chinese. She is passionate about resistance movements, feminism, and Beyonce.