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The best of #GRAMMYs 2017

From horrendous fashion choices, to Beyonce, to some beautiful tribute performances, to some disappointments - here's what you missed.

This year’s Grammy’s was filled with hilarious red carpet entrances, phenomenal performances, and some wonderful hosting moments. James Corden was the host of the evening who tried a little too hard. Queen Bey and her family stole the night with cute moments and a visually orgasmic performance. Adele blessed us all by performing twice. Last but not the least, Bruno Mars was a LEGEND.

BUT, here are some of the tweets covering the 59th #GRAMMYs showing you exactly what you missed in the social media coverage.

1. Let’s get this out of the way, what was she thinking?! RIP Joy Villa and her career..

2. And then this stepped out, I honestly don’t know what CeeLo was thinking.

3. While everyone was busy looking for Bey, Rihanna blessed the crowd with her presence.

4. And so did Demi, oh my god.

5. James Corden absolutely died in the opening.

6. The Weeknd and Daft Punk made me sing I FEEEEL IT COMIIIING.


8. We fell in love with the shape of Ed Sheeran.


This is when most of the world stopped and replayed that performance for the rest of the night because, YONCE.

10. Blue Ivy stole the thunder by being ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE.

11. Queen Bey won the night.

12. Adele had the balls to restart her performance.

13. Lady Gaga X Metallica performed mic-less and it was … surreal.

14. Oh, almost forgot about this pants-less duo in all this craziness.

15. Chance the Rapper won 3 Grammys without selling any of his songs. *claps*

16. Demi Lovato, Tori Kelly and others paid an amazing tribute to The Bee Gees

17. James Corden…

18. Grammy cut off Adele’s writer’s speech as he spoke – Rude AF.

19. Most importantly, Christine Teigen live-tweeted and like the rest of us, died.

20. A Tribe Called Quest performed a revolutionary performance needed at this point of time *bows*

21. The Time and Bruno Mars paid a tribute to Prince !!!!!!

22. CHANCE THE RAPPER FINALLY PERFORMED WITH THE CHURCH and everyone (including us) lost it.

23. The record and the album of the year went to Adele and everyone lost their shit.

24. BUT Major props to Adele for practicing solidarity and thanking Beyonce for the greatness that is LEMONADE.