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Female scientists use #reallivingscientist to tell Trump what it means to #DressLikeWomen

The combination of the #reallivingscientist hashtag and the #DressLikeWomen and #DressLikeaWoman hashtags brought the response to Trump's sexist statement to a whole new, nerdy level.

Earlier this month, the news broke that Trump had told his female employees to “dress like women” while working in the White House. Of course, Twitter responded in the best way possible: creating the hashtags #DressLikeWomen and #DressLikeaWoman. The amazing tweets showed all the different ways that women dressed for work, counteracting Trump’s implication that dressing like women means dressing feminine.

The hastag especially took off with women who work in science based careers. They tweeted pictures of themselves in lab coats, protective gear, and job specific garb. Eventually the #DressLikeWomen and #DressLikeaWoman hashtags started to show up with another hashtag: #reallivingscientist.

The #reallivingscientist hashtag predates the #DressLikeWomen and #DressLikeaWoman hastags, It’s been used to showcase real people doing real science on a daily basis and to highlight the daily work of scientists around the world. The combination of the #reallivingscientist hashtag and the #DressLikeWomen and #DressLikeaWoman hashtags brought the response to Trump’s sexist statement to a whole new, nerdy level.

Check out some of the best tweets from the #reallivingscientist s who #DressLikeWomen:

1. This fashionable forest dweller

2. This geneticist who’s working to cure cancer

3. This geologist who never stopped playing in the mud

4. This biologist and her adorable turtle

5. This environmental scientist in her natural habitat

6. These nautical ladies

7. This rock climber who also studies how your brain works

8. This aquatic lady who studies migratory oceanic creatures

9. These ladies who make protective gear look so good

10. This student of deep sea Darwinism

11. This behavioral scientist and her adorable lab partner (pun intended)

12. This fisherwoman

13. This geochemist working to battle climate change

14. This badass who’s keeping our environment diverse

15. This biologist and her adorable kitty

16. These silly future geologists

17. This farm girl who studies pollutants

18. This diver in head to toe rubber

19. This surgeon in her classy lab coat

20. This lady who’s literally mapping the ocean floor

21. This wet and wild lady with her aquatic friends

22. This sassy scientist who wants to prove Trump wrong about climate change

23. This archaeologist who’s getting dirty for science

24. This badass who is literally petting a shark

25. This geologist whose wardrobe is stocked for all kinds of field work

26. This researcher who’s using science to achieve world peace

27. This anatomist who can answer all your body questions

28. This professional who gets the job done

29. This environmentalist who’s studying how our trash impacts the deep sea

30. This guerrilla gardener

31. This researcher who always had nerd style

32. These ladies who get all hot and bothered for electron microscopy

These women prove that dressing like a woman simply means being a woman who puts on clothes. They also show that women are thriving in all types of scientific careers. These #reallivingscientists are totally #careergoals.