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Keep It Real Mix: New Year, Just Me

Our imperfections are often our strengths, and nothing is stronger than keeping it real.

In this current age of social media, we see filtered photos, endless smiles, and happy posts. Everyone looks like they’re having the time of their life, but in reality we all have our own troubles that we are fighting to get through. Now that February’s here and the whole social media wave of “New Year, New Me” posts is over, it’s definitely time for a “New Year, Just Me.”

Because what’s wrong with being honest and showing our true selves for once? Our imperfections are often our strengths, and nothing is stronger than keeping it real.

1.”Dollhouse” || Melanie Martinez

Portrait of Melanie Martinez

Everyone has dysfunctional families, but no one is as brutally honest as Melanie Martinez.  I love getting lost in this beautifully haunting song- it’s eerie, messed up, and really human.

2. “Pray (Empty Gun)” || Bishop Briggs

Portrait of Bishop Briggs

Friends, lovers, families- things don’t always go down the way they are supposed to. I love Bishop’s vulnerability as she confesses her own pain and the hopes to forgive.

3. “Burn With Me” || Whilk & Misky

Portrait of Whilk and Misky

My favorite quote from the movie “The Italian Job” was “I trust everyone, I just don’t trust the devil inside them.” This song epitomizes this idea of people’s inner demons, just as I try to figure out how to reconcile the best and worst sides of myself.

4. “Her Life” || Two Feet

Cover Photo for Two Feet

Two Feet talks about a woman who lives an empty life- a life that no one can change but her. The song is dark and alluring, but it empathizes with the many ways people suffer: in shadows, mistrust, and lies.

5.  “Living” || Bakermat, Alex Clare

Portrait of Alex Clare

For those just getting by day to day, this song is empowering and raw with personal struggles. “Just surviving and living”- that’s all you can do to stay alive.

6. “Ratchet Commandments” || Tink

Portrait of Tink

Tink is brutally honest on how those obsessed with their social media image fail to see what’s important: your character and actions in real life. Tink’s perspective is refreshing in an internet world of filters and false perfection.

7. “Hard Out Here” || Lily Allen

Portrait of Lily Allen

Lily Allen is going to be Lily Allen, and she could care less about you hating her sarcasm, attitude, and blunt truth. Her unfiltered commentary on unfair standards against female artists is ultimately badass.


Because we love you, we compiled all your new favorite songs in one playlist. Enjoy!

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