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Here’s everything coming to Netflix February 2017

Some people are praying for romance, some for discount boxes of chocolate, but no matter where you are in life there's always new movies to Netflix.

February is always a tad stressful for everyone.  Single people may feel lonely, taken people may feel freaked about Valentines Day, and there’s the ever present threat of a certain groundhog seeing his shadow (he did). Some people are praying for romance, others are grateful for discount heart-shaped boxes of chocolate on the 15th, but no matter where you are in life there is always Netflix.

This month there have been some exciting and some, let’s just say, interesting additions to the lovely streaming company we all cherish so dearly.

1. Super Bad

Don’t get me wrong, when I was in high school I thought this movie was hilarious and a part of me still does.  Who could not love Jonah Hill and Michael Cera running around and trying to score?  And I love Bill Hader and Seth Rogan because they’re good comedians.

However, on a second viewing of this movie, I realized how much misogyny is involved in this film.  Granted, these are three high school boys who are trying to be cool before they go to college, but it gives the wrong impression of how easy it is to “get” girls.  This film also laughs at menstruation when a woman dances with Jonah Hill and he gets period blood on his leg.  I understand the hilarity they were trying to achieve, but I do not think it’s a great message to be sending high schoolers, to find menstruation inherently dirty.

That being said, I love the insanity of the cops (Hader and Rogen) with McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), as this a completely unprecedented situation of policemen acting hilariously inappropriate.

In all, I think this film is a funny overview of the supposed stress that high school seniors may feel before attending college, but it didn’t age well.

2. Sausage Party

hot dog sausage party hot dog bun

Here we confront Seth Rogen again, who I do think is really funny.  I have to admit that I laughed at this movie, but was not exactly happy with myself for laughing.  This movie sexualizes a hot dog and a bun, pokes fun at Middle Eastern relations, jokes about suicide and involves a cannibalistic douche that causes mayhem.  I do commend them on their including of multiple kinds of love, although it was slightly unsettling to watch an orgy consisting of food items.

While I wouldn’t recommend watching this movie in front of your parents, or watching it if you are a chef and have a great respect for food, but for me it was entertaining.

3. Finding Dory

Disney/Pixar's Finding Dory cute disney adorable pixar

Finding Dory is spectacular and if you haven’t seen it yet, you’re behind the times.  Even our new President found time between his Muslim Ban and pipeline approval to watch it.  Finding Dory is an adorable story that I think might be better than Finding Nemo was.  It is all about Dory finding where she came from and it fits in perfectly with where the audience first meets Dory in Finding Nemo.  But this film involves more talking animals like seals and octopi and makes it all the more loving because it shows that Dory’s parents were looking for her, too.

4. Magic Mike

music channing tatum magic mike joe manganiello

Mostly this movie is popular because you get to see Channing Tatum pole dance, as well as some other fellas with abs of steel.  But I think what should be addressed in this movie is first its lack of a real plot (I have yet to see Magic Mike XXL, and I really wonder how they managed to pull a second movie out).

Mostly, the audience follows Channing Tatum around while he is a stripper and then towards the end when he is no longer a stripper.  It would be an interesting look into the life of a male stripper if it is indeed an accurate portrayal; Channing Tatum has worked as a male stripper before, but who knows how much of his experience was spiced up for the movie.

This movie also puts a particular interest on women’s desire for men that are in a particular physical shape.  These men have abs, work out daily, and are very muscular, which continues the stereotype of men being forced into a certain body shape in order to feel wanted.

5. Two Weeks Notice

film comedy sandra bullock hugh grant two weeks notice

This is a solid 2002 film, aka it is a normal romantic comedy that wildly underutilizes Sandra Bullock’s abilities as an actress.  The premise is that Hugh Grant is a high powered man in New York City and Bullock is a high-powered lawyer who becomes his assistant.

However, Grant is unable to really take care of himself, so Bullock gives her two weeks notice, because he is a hopeless man who can’t get anything done without her. Then, of course, they magically fall for each other.

I love both of these actors, but this is seriously lower than they are capable of.  Bullock is a strong woman who gets pushed into a lower-serving job under a man, and this man can’t take care of himself without the help of a woman.  Talk about stereotypes!

But I guess Netflix was adding this to fill up on the quota for crappy romcoms for Valentine’s Day.

6. Woman In Gold

2015 ryan reynolds tatiana maslany helen mirren woman in gold

This film had a very interesting plot that I greatly admired.  It focuses on a Jewish refugee from an upper-class family who had their art taken by the Nazis.  As an older woman living in the United States, she (Helen Mirren) attempts to get her art back from the museum where it currently resides.

This could have been a strong film about female empowerment and taking back what is rightfully yours, but it is defeated when she must place all her focus on Ryan Reynolds, her lawyer.

That being said, I do think this movie is an incredible look at the long term effects of the Nazi regime and the different forms of repercussions during the years after WWII.

7. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe


The first in this series, I think it’s the best, but I also read the book – so I am a bit biased.  It’s a classic fantasy story with an incredible world living just behind a wardrobe.  Though I always think the book is better than the movie, this one wasn’t a bad adaptation.

There are some strong female and male characters, so I think it’s a good movie for kids to see.

8. Twilight


Why Netflix? Why did you put this movie on?  Put something else instead!  Use this spot for a better movie!

Twilight, as we all know, is not the best.  In terms of acting, in terms of filming, in terms of literally everything.  Kristen Stewart, I know you can act better than that, why, why did you do this?  Robert Pattinson, you were so good in Harry Potter, just stay a wizard and screw being a vampire.  Anyways, Twilight is full of Stewart being too weak and sad to do anything herself, and constantly needs a boy aka a vampire or a werewolf to take care of her.

Not my favorite, but you do you.

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas

movie film christmas snow winter

This movie is an all-time favorite for me.  It’s a classic Tim Burton film involving Jack Skellington and Sally and the stealing of Christmas, oh and the Boogyman, all in claymation. I do wonder why Netflix chose to put out a Halloween/Christmas movie in February, though, especially because I was disgruntled last October when I tried to find this movie and could not.  Anyways, if you didn’t first watch this as a child, then it might creep you out but power through because it’s a great claymation.

 10. Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special

michael bolton

If you have an hour to waste and like the general cast of Saturday Night Live, then this is for you.  It was good for a chuckle every once in a while, and I appreciated that when it spoke about sex (which it does openly and often) it made jokes involving men and women.  The downside is that this 2017 movie does not include any same-sex couples.  However, the premise is about Christmas and the need for 75,000 babies by next Christmas so, of course, the show is a telethon about sex.

Michael Bolton sings, Bob Sagat makes an appearance, Andy Samberg plays a weird saxophone, Maya Rudolph sings a song, and Fred Armisen runs a failing chocolate company.  It’s basically a long SNL-type telethon and I am a bit fuzzy on what audience they were trying to reach.

There are more new movies coming to Netflix later on in the month, so be sure to look out for them if nothing here interests you. Let’s all just load up on discount conversation hearts and pile into bed and watch some new movies!

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