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Apply matte liquid lipstick flawlessly with these 6 easy steps


Liquid lipsticks have been the rave for a while now, and there’s a good reason for that. If you’re like me, and you need your caffeine fix every day (if not multiple times a day), you know what a pain touching up your lip color is. Despite using lipliners, blotting, using face powder, and almost every other technique Youtube beauty gurus had taught me, my coffee mug still ended up with more lipstick than my lips did, sigh.

Cue liquid lipsticks, and I’m in seventh heaven. I absolutely love love LOVE them. They’re long-lasting, they’re matte, and if you’ve got a good one, they will last longer than 24 hours (TRIED AND TESTED BY YOURS TRULY).

After a good dozen attempts and realizing they’re a whole different ballgame, here’s a list of steps that will take your lip color game to a whole new level and ensure you SLAY.


1. Moisturize your lips – and EXFOLIATE THOSE BABIES

lip balm being applied to chapped lips

This is so SO important. If you don’t moisturize, you’ll have dry and chapped lips, and liquid lipstick will only amplify that. So, make sure you moisturize a few minutes before you apply it. This also prevents liquid lipstick from getting flaky.

PRO TIP: exfoliate to get all the dead skin off your lips before you moisturize it. An easy way is a DIY lip-scrub using brown sugar, honey, and coconut oil or olive oil.

Organic blue nectar honey, organic brown sugar, and organic coconut oil

2. Highlight your cupid’s bow

Adding highlighter to cupid's bow

This highlights and defines the shape of your upper lips and enhances the cupid’s bow, giving your lips a more defined, fuller look.

3. Line your lips

Filling in lips completely with lip liner

Line your lips and fill them in. This is going to help so much when you apply the liquid lipstick because the shape is already defined. You can also play around and over-line them for a more pouty look, or keep it subtle and line them in the shape of your lips. I prefer the subtle look, and I cannot emphasize enough on what a difference this step makes. You don’t want to mess up your lips, and to remove the color + repeat the entire process.

Practice makes perfect, and after a few time, you’ll be able to finish this step up in no time.

4. Short strokes to finally apply the liquid lipstick

4 steps, shorter strokes for your lips

Make sure you use shorter strokes, and move from filling the top and bottom of your lips to the ends. If you’re over-lining to make your lips look bigger, make sure you do so with emphasis on the center of the upper and lower lips, and not at the corners of your lips. That way they look a lot more natural.


Concealer brush at the end of the upper lip to correct lip color mistake

If you do mess up, concealer’s your best friend.

You don’t have to be an amateur to mess up your lipstick. Countless beauty gurus, including my fav Sazan Hendrix, have admitted that this is their go-to step. There’s always a slight up or down when it comes to applying liquid lipstick and there’s no shame in that. The beauty in makeup is there’s hardly anything you can’t fix, especially with a good concealer.

Holla at me if you like my beautiful bad puns.

6. A hint of highlight in the center

Huda Kattan with bombshell liquid lipstick and highlighter in the center of lips

There is no such thing as too much highlighter. I repeat. NO highlighter is TOO much highlighter. Dab on a bit in the center of your lips, and look at how they dazzle. Huda Kattan uses this step in a lot of her videos and the result is stunning.

If you’ve never bought liquid lipsticks before, you’ve got a wide array of options: from drugstore products like Color pop (I RECOMMEND) and NYX Lingerie to the more pricier ones such as the Kylie Jenner lip kits and the Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks. If you want vegan-friendly options, Lime Crime Velvetines, Kat Von D, or Beauty Bakerie’s Lip Whips

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, and to try out different color combinations. Despite their longevity in terms of timing, liquid lipsticks are essentially lipsticks and you can funk out the colors with different mixes, until you’re satisfied with the final result.

These are 6 steps if you really want an all-round perfect look. It can seem daunting if its your first attempt, but, practice makes perfect. I know people who take 5 minutes in total for all these steps. I need calmness and a good amount of time when I’m getting ready, so I take around 9-10 minutes just for my lips. With a darker color, I prefer to go more subtle with the eyes, and so I just work on my brows and mascara. If I’m going for a lighter or a more nude shade, I like a winged liner with more contour and highlight.

Ultimately, it’s your look, and you decide how or what you want on your face.

Go own it.

You’re ready to take on the world, with longer lasting lip color.