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These are the 10 Super Bowl ads of 2017 that we’re totally obsessed with

For anyone that missed them, here are the Super Bowl's most memorable, non-football moments.

While some ads during the 2017 Super Bowl stood out due to excellent cinematography or their promotion of specific values (some political and therefore controversial) others pulled at our heartstrings, made us laugh, surprised us with celebrities, or caught us off guard with their creativity.

Unfortunately, a lot of us get up and walk away during the ads, because that’s our time to grab a snack or take a bathroom break, but don’t despair! Here’s a handy recap of everything you might have missed that was worth watching.

In no particular order, here are the 10 best ads that aired.

1. Nintendo Switch


Great song choice! And whoever chose to showcase The Legend of Zelda in this ad knew what they were doing. Like every other Nintendo nerd, I am so freaking hyped for “Breath of the Wild.” If you want to see the other cool features Nintendo Switch has to offer, check out the extended cut here.

2. Budweiser

Who knew the founder of Budweiser was a German immigrant? Let’s go ahead and add good beer to the ever-growing list of things immigrants have contributed to.

3. Honda


I’ve never seen anything like this, but I love the creative thinking that went into this ad. It’s surprisingly inspiring to see the celebrities we revere today as their younger, high school selves!

4. Google


This was just beautiful. Thank you, Google, for highlighting the shared humanity of so many different kinds of people. Then again, I would have expected nothing less from you.

5. Coca Cola


Hey you, Coca-Cola, aka: my deepest love (all my friends know I am low key addicted to you), I see you promoting diversity and inclusion, and this is only making me love you more. In fact, let me go grab a Coke right now…



Um, is it just me, or is this ad a masterful work of art? Definitely check this out if you haven’t already, and may inspiration rain down on all of us (preferably while John Legend sings in the background).

7. Lexus


Damn, this guy can move! The way man and machine compliment each other in this ad is flawless and crazy attractive. I can’t decide which one I want more.

8. Audi


Ten points to Gryffindor? Not tonight! Ten thousand points to Audi’s commercial for it’s outright feminism! Progress is for everyone, and every company should be committed to equal pay for equal work.

9. Michelin


Sure, they’re just advertising tires, but this ad made the list because it succeeded in making me think about my loved ones, and how grateful I am for their health and safety.

10. 84 Lumber

I want to end with this one only because it’s so visually articulate and unafraid in its content. There was actually another previous version of this ad that was deemed too controversial to air during the Super Bowl, but you can watch the full version here.

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