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23 too-real things women who do CrossFit totally understand

Seeing women lifting up other women, building physical and mental strength, believing in yourself, and knowing you can make it through the wickedest WOD.

When asked why they love CrossFit, most women will tell you it’s about the community and emotional gains they’ve gotten from joining a CrossFit gym: seeing women lifting up other women, building physical and mental strength, believing in yourself, and knowing you can make it through the wickedest WOD. The lessons from the gym seep into your everyday life. And you get hooked on the feeling of progress and the camaraderie among fellow CrossFit junkies.

There are some little things that make daily life at the box enjoyable, too. If you’ve ever done CrossFit, even just for one day, you’ll totally understand some of these feelings. From PRs to feeling like a beast in your new gear, here are 23 things women who do CrossFit just “get:”

1. That fresh chalk in the bucket feeling

There’s a huge difference between reaching into the bucket and feeling the leftover gritty chalk and feeling the fresh pow-pow after your coach fills it up with the good stuff. Bonus points for gyms who also add essential oils.

Makes you feel like CrossFit royalty.

2. TFW you finally nail that clean and jerk

That scary weight, you know, the one you thought you’d never reach? Now it’s your warm-up weight. And yes, you just lifted that much weight over your head. Do your victory dance!

3. That feeling when you stroll into the box with your new lifters on

Oh, these? Yeah, they’re new. Yeah, they’re beautiful. Yeah, they’re gonna make me the new CLB.

4. Changing perceptions of beauty

CrossFitters define beauty in strength and grit. The confidence from knowing your own strength, the heart and perseverance it takes to get through a workout, the muscles developed from dedication and trusting the process, and not being defined by pounds or years.

“Feminine” is redefined and women are encouraged to build their own aesthetic. For some more inspiration, check this video out.

5. That post-WOD can’t pick yourself up off the floor yet feeling

Just give me a minute, guys.

6. That next-day soreness when you know you got better

Today I’m hurting, because yesterday’s workout kicked my butt. It might not feel great now, but damnit it hurts so good.

7. When people who haven’t tried it give you crap about CrossFit

Say what you want. I know what it’s done for me and what it takes to get to where I am today.

8. When you miss a rep right at the beginning of the WOD

It’s the most frustrating and it feels like a false start, but you can always pick yourself back up.

9. That new sports bra feeling

Feeling like you got new armor on today.

10. Amping yourself up for a big lift with a silent pep talk

We all have a mantra. “You got this, you got this.” “Get mad at it.” “FLEX.”

11. When someone’s talking a big game but you know you’re gonna own the WOD

Bring it on. Gimme your best. I dare you to try me.

12. When you get a compliment on your form from your coach

*blushes* “Thanks, coach.” *feels like rockstar the rest of the day*

13. That feeling when you add up all the reps before the WOD

Wait a second, that can’t be right. Is that right? That doesn’t sound possible. *searches nearest exit route in case of emergency*

14. When you and your swole mate roll up to the gym at the same time

Heyyyy girl! This is gonna be gooooooood. (It always helps to suffer in good company.)

15. Watching the Games and seeing strong women giving it their all

Seeing women worldwide kick ass is the best motivation to get to the gym.

16. That surge of adrenaline from slamming the bar after you get a new PR

Clear a path. I’ve been working on this one for a YEAR, ladies.

17. Staring at that wall ball, willing yourself to pick it up again

The last thing I want to is pick that dang thing back up. But the sooner I do, the sooner it will be over. Just do it. Just walk over there and pick it up. Ugh.

18. Seeing that look of awe in kids’ eyes when they see their moms lifting major weights at the gym

It’s one of the only places where kids cheer their parents on – toddlers and teenagers alike. They want to mimic what they see their parents doing and it’s awesome to witness moms setting such a healthy example.

19. When you show up and your favorite pull-up bar is open

This WOD just got a whole lot better. Don’t even think about touching that bar. It’s mine.

20. The mental strength from the gym makes you feel invincible in your everyday life

I did Murph, I can do anything. Don’t mess with a woman like me.

21. True teamwork! Women lifting up other women and rooting for mutual success

Too often in this world, women try to cut each other down. CrossFit is a community where women cheer each other on, root for everyone to lift new weights, and comfort one another through frustrating seasons.

22. When you finally get the hang of double-unders

It’s like flying.

23. Seeing your gains

Mental and physical gains. It’s what we are all working on and towards.

Whatever CrossFit means to you, a home or a hobby or a weird thing your friend’s friend does, the message of any CrossFit class is to show up as you are and give it your all. Because you’ll be glad you did. And, you’ll make some beautiful strong lady friends of all ages while doing it.

That’s a message we’ll gladly get behind.