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13 Youtubers that will absolutely have you wanting to go vegan

I may not be vegan, but dang. Now I'm questioning everything.

So, I’m not even vegan. I’m not even really a foodie to be honest. I basically just eat to live. Like, literally sometimes I forget to eat.

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But ever since I stumbled across Vegan-Food-Tube, I have been obsessed with learning new recipes for vegan dishes and I’m learning to be excited about food! Not only do these Youtubers make food that’s damn good for you, they make food that looks damn good.

1. hot for food

Lauren and John are the cutest vegan couple on Youtube! This by far is my favorite vegan food channel. They challenge the stereotypes people have about vegan food. They eat savory foods full of flavor and variety. They also do the cutest couple cooking challenges!

2. The Edgy Veg

Candace, the face of The Edgy Veg is revolutionizing vegan food! What I love about this channel is that Candace finds ways to “veganize” popular fast foods that we love. She’s recreated the Chick-fil-A sandwich, the Taco Bell Crunchwrap, and even the Popeye’s Bonafide Fried Chicken.

3. Liv’s Healthy Life

Olivia Biermann a.k.a. Liv, is a Youtuber living in Canada. Liv’s Healthy Life is great for new vegans. She features videos about vegan meal prepping and quick recipes for vegans on the go and on a budget.

4. Cheap Lazy Vegan

Cheap Lazy Vegan is another great channel for newbie vegans. Her recipes are geared towards young, college-aged vegans who are on a budget and don’t have so much time to make fully raw vegan meals from scratch. She draws inspiration from her Asian heritage in a lot of her recipes.

5. Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

If you are a meat lover and you’d have a hard time giving up meat, Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen is perfect for you! She is a pro at making meat substitutes out of veggies including fried fish out of cauliflower, smoked salmon out of carrots, and steak out of seitan.

6. Vegan Encounters

If you like watching creative and aesthetically pleasing videos, this is a great channel for you. It’s food porn. Elena, of Vegan Encounters shares her food diaries and recipes completely visually and I love it!

7. VeganLovelie

Another vegan couple, Tenuja and Kevin feature recipes on their channel for vegan eaters who appreciate a hearty meal. They serve up flavorful curries and Indian inspired dishes.

8. The Happy Pear

Twins, Dave and Steve, are super fun to watch and they’re also very easy on the eyes. They have a wide variety of vegan recipes on their channel, but they mostly focus on recipes that can be cooked in under 10 minutes.

9. SweetPotatoSoul

SweetPotatoSoul is a great channel for comfort food lovers. She draws from her African American roots and makes some great soul food dishes like gumbo, red beans and rice, and sweet potato pie.

10. FullyRawKristina

FullyRawKristina is one of the most popular vegan Youtubers. She makes vegan life seem all….. chill. I dig it. Kristina is a fully raw vegan, meaning she only eats fruits and vegetables. For those courageous souls that are willing to accept the fully raw challenge, this is a great channel for you.

11. Vegan Cooking With Love

Vegan Cooking With Love is a channel that features recipes that are great for people who are cooking for friends and family that are not vegan. These are great recipes to bring to dinner parties that everyone will love.

12. The Vegan Corner

The Vegan Corner is a great reference channel to other vegan food Youtubers on this list. It’s like the ultimate digital vegan cookbook.

13. Cooking With Plants

The motto for Cooking With Plants is “vegan made easy,” which speaks for itself. Recipes on this channel are 100% fruit and veggie based and are easy for new vegans.

These vegans are not eating rabbit food, they’re eating good food! I encourage you to try some of these recipes here and there and dabble into making the lifestyle choice.

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