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If you’re a sane, compassionate person who cares about the future of the United States, the past few weeks have been rough. On January 20th Donald Trump officially became the President of the United States. It hasn’t taken him long to follow through with many of the things we hoped he wouldn’t.

In trying times like this it can be really helpful to connect with music. Music has the power to calm us down and chill us out. Studies have even shown that music can help regulate your heart rate and increase blood flow, making you healthier.

We, at The Tempest, understand the importance of taking some time to chill with some soothing tunes, so we’ve put together the ultimate Post-Inauguration Week Recovery Mixtape. Check out this list of instrumental jams and we guarantee you’ll feel a little bit better.

1. A Slow Dance || Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky playing
By Greg Neate via Wikimedia Commons

Explosions in the Sky is a phenomenal, experimental band. They mix a lot of different instruments and effects to produce a truly unique sound. This track combines some awesome guitar and piano work with some killer percussion to create a powerful sonic experience. A Slow Dance is the perfect track to listen to on your drive home from a long day.

2. Auto Rock || Mogwai

Mogwai playing live concert
By Deadnid via Wikimedia Commons

Mogwai is the master of ‘instrumental rock’. With lyrics, their songs could dominate at any rock show, but as their instrumental masterpieces lead the listener on a journey through sound. Auto rock gets a little more ‘rock’ in the middle, but the smooth piano and synth effects will have you floating through space. Auto Rock is the perfect track to have on in the background while you do some work or read the news.

3. Pure Imagination || Emile Pandolfi


This popular song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is transformed by Emile Pandolfi. The piano cover is slow and meandering. You can sing along in your head or lose yourself in the re-imagined version of the song. Perfect for lounging around your living room and sipping a hot beverage.

4. Love Story || Dallas String Quartet

Close up of a violin

Being the large Tswift fan that I am, I’m always delighted when a band does a clever cover of one of her songs. Dallas String Quartet is a diverse group of string musicians who combine their violin talents with the tones of an upright bass to produce funky, smooth tunes. Their cover of Love Story is the perfect tune for dancing in your living room with your real or imaginary true love.

5. Reset || MUTEMATH

Mutemath playing a live concert
By IllaZilla via Wikimedia Commons

MUTEMATH combines electronic sound with mellow beats, and sultry guitar. The percussion on this track is overlaid with expert guitar and even some violin. It’s a unique sound that’s perfect for putting on while you do some chores or cook some dinner.

6. Twinkle Lullaby || The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys playing a live concert
By Pastelitodepapa via Wikimedia Commons

The Piano Guys are known for their instrumental covers of popular songs. Twinkle Lullaby is a re-imagining of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” with both piano and violin. Their cover doesn’t follow the melody through the whole song, but uses the melody as the reference point and goes from there. As the name suggests, this is the perfect song to listen to while you’re drifting off to sleep.

7. Where the Light Gets In || Sennen

Sennen, band from UK
By Ync067 via Wikimedia Commons

This track layers a rhythmic piano on top of a string quartet to create a hypnotic sound. The rhythm created by the piano sucks you in to the song, while the string quartet lulls you. This track is perfect background for a long, hot bath.

8. Racing Against the Sunset by Philip Wesley

Orange toned sunset
By Alvesgaspar via Wikimedia Commons

This piano solo track is immersive. It feels like the music is flowing over and around you through the whole track. Pus you’ll be impressed by the talent of this musician. This is the perfect track to put on when you’re trying to meditate. You’ll get so lost in the piano melody that you won’t be able to think of anything else.

9. Crystallize || Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling playing violin
By Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

This one is a little less ‘chill out’ than the rest, but Lindsey Stirling’s unique sound is too good to pass up. Lindsey Stirling layers her expert violin playing over EDM-esque beats. The result is a surprisingly danceable instrumental experience. The beats will get you going, in a good kind of way. Listen when you need to get out some nervous energy that’s built up through the stress of the day.

10. Fragile || 2Cellos

By Leandro Kibisz via Wikimedia Commons

2Cellos is another intrumental band known for their amazing covers. This cover of Sting’s fragile combines the sounds of a plucked cello and a bowed cello, for a very interesting sound. This is the perfect track to listen to while reading a good book.


Because we love you, we compiled all of these songs on one playlist. If you’re struggling with the stress of this week and feeling a little overwhelmed, throw on this playlist and melt into its soothing instrumental sounds. 

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By Robin Zabiegalski

Robin Zabiegalski is a full time writer and editor. Her work has been published on The Tempest, xoJane, The Talko, The Bolde, and Kinkly. She also writes fiction and her work has been published in an anthology called "Fermenting Feminism" and in "Adelaide Magazine." Robin has a BA in Professional Studies from Johnson State College and she is passionate about feminism, body image, writing, snowboarding, and backpacking.