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7 outfits every single college student will totally recognize

We're talking about the clothes you tossed on when you overslept for class (or pulled an all-nighter and didn't sleep for class).

There are certain clothes that just say “college.” We’re not talking about the fashionable outfits that you put together the night of a Tinder date, or on the first day of classes when you wanted to make a good impression.

We’re talking about the clothes you tossed on when you overslept for class (or pulled an all-nighter and didn’t sleep for class), the outfits you creatively pulled together when you were too lazy to shave, the clothes you discovered when you realized that winter can get really cold.

1. Flannel for days

If you went to a women’s college you know what we’re talking about. If you live in New England you get it too (those winters can get coooold).

2. That dress you wore when you wanted to “try” but didn’t want to shave

Let’s be honest, we all want to look nice without trying so hard. Especially in college when you’re trying to look like a real adult, but also drowning in assignments. Super long dresses are the greatest way to fix this problem: no need to shave but you look like you tried!

3. That one outfit that’s entirely college swag

Okay, so it happens occasionally: you’re lounging in your sweatpants when you realize you’ve got to dash to the library (but it’s cold outside, so you grab a sweatshirt). Before you know it you’re suddenly wearing entirely clothes that say “University of __________.” Wooops. At least people will know where you go.

4. Your button-covered backpack

So you said you weren’t the kind of person who’d cover your backpack in buttons. Well, then college happened and suddenly you’ve acquired an “I <3 Female Orgasm” button from your college’s showing of The Vagina Monologues, a campaign button for the latest local politician who’d visited campus, and a button you’d found back home to remind you of your hometown. Now at least you’ve got some easy conversation starters!

5. Pajamas, pajamas, pajamas

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We’ve all been there. Either you overslept or you woke up one morning and you really just didn’t care. Either way you ended up in class one morning in your pajamas. Your professor might have looked at you a little weird, but you were definitely the most comfortable person in the classroom.

6. Your college tee (that everyone in your family incidentally owns too)

Your college pride runs strong, so when you pull on your “University of _________” t-shirt it’s more than just a fashion statement. It’s a reminder of how much you love that place (during midterms and finals and everything in between). Plus, it reminds you of home in a weird way because everyone in your family insisted on having their own shirt so they could represent your school too.

7. Sweater weather

If you went to school in New England or the Midwest this should ring especially true: sweaters saved your life. Whether you tossed on an oversized grandma sweater or a funky sweater you found last year in that cool thrift store down the street, the delightful warmth of one (or two or three…who’s counting) sweaters definitely got you through those chilly winter months.

College might be a time for getting dressed up for night’s out, presentations, or first classes, but it’s also the perfect time to relax and take a fashion-breather. Everyone on campus has been where you’ve been, so there’s no judgement when you decide to stay cozy and casual.