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Trump’s tweets have officially enraged his white American voters – and it’s hilarious

They voted for you but you need to stop tweeting. #STOP

With a president-elect who’s really getting Twitter a lot of engagement and attention, one might wonder if Trump has investment plans in the company. Such dedication and unfiltered efforts are usually directed to a cause when one wants very serious attention directed towards it.

BUT his voters, the same white American voters who placed their trust in him, have had it. They are DONE.

We at The Tempest enjoy nothing more than a round of amusing tweets. We didn’t vote for him, you did. What we can’t change is what’s done, but what we can do, is bring those tweets to you.

You’re welcome.

We got three categories. Starting off with the first one…

Category 1: The Basic Tweeters

Category 2: The Sarcastic Ones

They’re not die-hard fans, but they did vote for him. *Background plays* Can the real president-elect please stand up?

And then we have the ones who’ve got a bit of exasperation, a bit of advice…

Category 3: The Loyal Emotional Ones


If howlers were tweets…


And finally this hashtag that wins. #YouAreGivingMeAHeadache
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Mashal Waqar

Mashal Waqar

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