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23 beautiful brides that proudly celebrated their Palestinian heritage

Every single one of them looks beautiful.

1. These two were made for each other’s arms.

Can't get over these two!

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2. Stunning!

3. Her dress is the exact sort of sweeping we all dream of.

4. Wedding inspo initiated!

Celebrating 2 years of laughter with this guy!! More on the blog πŸ‘‰πŸΌ πŸ“Έ @im_jessica_oh

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5. These bridesmaids are adorable in their matching dresses!

6. This intricate gown and matching corsage is bedazzling!

7. Culturally AND aesthetically pleasing? Perfect.

This is when the groom changed from his suit to a traditional #Palestinian outfit. He's totally rockin' it! πŸ™‚

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8. This bride-to-be is jaw dropping!

9. This matching set has us enraptured.

#afrahproductions #arabwedding #afrah #portrait #henna #arabphotography #palestinianwedding

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10. A stunning white peacock- what a catch!

11. When you know your special day is going to be perfect:

12. *Dream dress*

my baby's getting married! πŸ™†;πŸ‘°πŸ‘°πŸ‘°. #palestinianwedding #makeportraits #iphoneonly

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13. Her smile!


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14. Ultimately the best experience:

15. She’s beautiful!

16. Jawdropping.

Marina+Ameer…. Still hiding her face. #Palestinianwedding #mashalah #abudhabi

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17. What a beautiful moment.

In Islam, they say the woman you marry, is your Queen, treat her with respect, love and protect her, be her best friend. And the man you ladies will marry, he will be asked whether you were a good wife and whether you should be accepted into heaven for your duties to him (love, trust, loyalty) no man asks for a woman to do anything more 😊. Marriage is a beautiful blessing, not just for those tests but the responsibility and love between a man and a woman, May Allah almighty bless the newly weds with beautiful children, may they be kept safe and well, and may Gaza live forever to see these beautiful moments πŸ’ congratulations to our dear friends. #palestine #palestinian #newlyweds #bride #palestinianbride #love #respect #loyalty #happydays #marriage #married #happy #happiness #ramallah #rafah #gazastrip #gaza

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18. That look you give when you know you found ‘the one’

19. Her makeup is on point!

20. Perfect.

21. When you take a selfie on your wedding only to find your everything is on fleek.

22. Father-daughter moment! We’re not crying, you’re crying.

That father-daughter moment, mixed emotions, gotta love it! #weddingphotographer #fatherdaughter #augustwedding #palestinianbride

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23. They’re drop-dead gorgeous.

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