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The Best of The Tempest: 2016 Edition

What makes an article truly stand out with our incredible global audience?

Every week, The Tempest publishes dozens of articles, covering everything from forbidden relationships to the latest in computer security. But what makes one truly stand out with our incredible global audience?

The most popular features of 2016 were an intriguing mix of frustrations around today’s cultural norms (think: unjust rulings around campus rape), the useful (like what kind of hashtag your wedding definitely needs to have), and the fun (like what it really means to change a globally-recognized type of food). 

In so many ways, 2016 was the year that The Tempest set its stake into the ground as the media and tech company to seek controversial perspectives, raw narratives, and groundbreaking scoops around current issues. As we look forward to 2017, I am incredibly proud to be able to bring what was once a vow to my teenage self to never let another female-identifying person feel silenced, ignored or marginalized to life.

Before we get into the meat of this roundup, I invite you to explore the special editorial picks for each of our verticals:

Culture & Taste picks curated by Saffiyya Mohammed, Senior Community Editor
News, Politics & Race picks curated by Asma Elgamal, Senior News & Society Editor
Life & Love picks curated by Nadia Eldemerdash, Managing Editor
Tech & Money picks curated by Mashal Waqar, CTO & Co-Founder
Pop & Trends picks curated by Chelsea Ennen, Pop & Trends Editor
Beauty & Vogue picks curated by Narmeen Saiyed, Executive Producer
Science picks curated by Sana Saiyed, Science Editor

Relive the year through the lens of The Tempest in the articles you read and shared the most:

1. Dear rapists, I don’t give a f*ck about your future by Chelsea Hensley

You’re not a “good kid.” You’re a rapist. And your future isn’t more important than justice for the person you raped. Or, at least, it shouldn’t be.

2. I don’t need to “pray about it,” I need to go to therapy by Maya Williams

“It’s all in your head. God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.”

3. These Babson College frat bros messed with the wrong Wellesley women of color – because we fought back by Jalena Keane-Lee

After a night that can only be described as a horrific emotional roller coaster, Wellesley students awoke to the first day of Trump. This is what went down.

4. Step away from the wedding hashtag generator and try these 10 tips instead by Hannah Alkadi

You don’t have to say “I do” to a basic wedding hashtag.

5. I hope you die from yellow fever by Caressa Wong 

“Yellow fever” was once a potentially fatal virus. Now, it’s a potentially fatal social concept.

6. I had an abusive relationship with my best friend by Anonymous

I was heartbroken when the only person I trusted decided to take advantage of me.

7. We have a serious marriage crisis by Yasmine Shaikh

I called one guy out on all of his lies, and he told me that I was an ungrateful woman who would never get married.

8. 5 women in punk and metal who give zero f*cks about their bitch face by Esther Meroño Baro

They’ve taken on the burden of leading conversations on inclusivity while totally slaying the music biz.

9. My faith is constantly questioned because I don’t wear hijab by Anonymous

There are some words that are hard to forget, words like, “Every strand of hair that I see on your head is a sin.”

10. “Deconstructed” biryani is an embarrassment for us all by Mashal Waqar

Anyone who’s ever had biryani knows it’s a complicated dish. Deconstructing it is not art, it’s an abomination to the world.