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Here’s why “Full House” is totally a show about your typical brown family

For brown people, this childhood classic is everyday life.

When Netflix announced its revival of the classic 90’s tv show Full House, which would return as “Fuller House,” fans were ecstatic. With most of the cast reprising their iconic roles, everyone was excited to see the direction the characters took.

In anticipation for the series premiere, I decided to binge some Full House episodes, because let’s face it, that’s how you prepare for a series premiere.

It’s always different re-watching childhood classics in your adulthood, you either appreciate them more or realize that it wasn’t as funny as you thought it was when you were a child.

However, as I re-watched Full House, it made me realize something else, rather… Characters and their plot lines felt familiar: the show was depicting brown culture!

Still not sold? Here’s how it’s true:

1. One big family

All those people living in one house? Living with your cousins as though they’re your siblings? Uncle moves in when there isn’t any more space (the attic of all places)?

Yeah, that’s brown people stuff right there.

They called it “Full House” for a reason. It literally is a full house.

Oh, and let’s not forget the dog either.

2. Calling everyone your “uncle”

Anyone your dad’s age is your uncle even if they aren’t related to you and you have to listen to them because dad privilege.

There’s the uncle who’s the life of the party.

Then there’s the one who thinks he’s the life of the party, has questionable fashion sense but is really embarrassing.

Honestly what are you wearing Joey? DO you even own a mirror?

3. Sibling benefits

The last kid ALWAYS gets away with everything. Anything they do wrong is just cute. Would you ever be able to get away with that? NO WAY.

Those are the perks of being the baby in the family.

Following the example of the eldest sibling. If your sister didn’t do it, neither can you.

4. Awkward family convos

Talking about or even acknowledging that you like a boy- forget about it!

Periods?? You mean punctuation marks?

With the younger cast in Full House now having lead roles in its Netflix revival, it’ll be interesting to see how they become the brown aunties we all know.