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Time to drop some serious knowledge: The best of Science 2016

It's time to break down barriers, misconceptions, and stereotypes within and outside the sciences. You ready?

The Science section is a new one here at The Tempest, and its goals are to bring you cool science, expose you to cool scientists, and break down barriers, misconceptions, and stereotypes within and outside the science field. While trying to find #TheBestOfTheTempest16, I read through each of our Science pieces with these goals in mind. And, not to boast but… we did a pretty great job finding awesome science to write about. It helps that science has constantly been involved in politics, from climate change being an important piece of campaign platform to Trump’s terrifying lack of dedication to all things science. The scientific community made some amazing discoveries in 2016, and yet there’s still so much to do.

The fight will continue, but without further ado, here are my favorite pieces of the year, #TheBestOfTheTempest16 from Science. Hope you love them too!

1. Let’s destroy the idea that pubic hair is dirty

This piece does an awesome job debunking harmful ideas about women, which is one of the best uses of science. There are too many sexist ideals that are being passed around to young girls (and adult women) that need to be proven false. That’s what The Tempest is all about and that’s exactly what this piece does. It isn’t totally obvious why something like pubic hair is a good means of shattering misconceptions but… read the piece – because Dr. Zinger does the job right!

2. Why are there fewer women in science than men?

This piece outlines sexism and racism in the field of science itself, and why it’s important for us to change the amount of women and WOC in science. This is a piece I wrote myself, and I do get a bit personal … because being a woman in science is something that I deal with every day. I bring out some unfortunate statistics about women in STEM fields and make a case for what needs to be changed. Now is as good a time as ever!

3. 5 badass scientists you haven’t even heard of – but need to know

The first ever science piece!! I love this one because it highlights non-white male scientists and the contributions they make/have made. Women and their roles in science are so often forgotten, for reasons like women’s contributions literally being stolen by men. But this piece makes sure you remember what women are out there doing the science before men screw it all up.

4. ASK A SCIENTIST: What really is climate change?

I really love all the Ask A Scientist pieces. This column is awesome because it discusses important topics in science and politics that we may not fully understand, and helps break it down. We’ve covered topics like alternative energy and antibiotic resistance. This one particularly is my favorite because climate change is too relevant to not discuss. It’s happening now, and needs to be understood!