33 stunning Moroccan brides celebrating epic weddings

Getting back to your roots.

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1. Gorgeous!

2. She’s a princess- absolutely stunning!

3. Her crown and dress sets the tone of a queen in the years to come.

4. When you always look fabulous, no matter the occasion:

5. Veil and outfit on point.

6. Perfection!

7. Her gown is #goals

8. Traditionally beautiful? Check. On fleek? Check. Onwards!

9. Morocon everything= amazing


11. Her headdress is everything.

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Alors on rit :d #mariagemarocain

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12. Dabbing your way in life. Gets you everywhere.

13. Golden and a glorious veil.

14. The smiling hurts.

15. What a day! What a look!

16. The coordination is stellar.

17. They’re meant for each other.

18. Her smile is !!!

19. Slay, queen, slay!

20. Her hijab and dress are gorgeous.

21. Woah!

22. *casually brings camel to wedding*

23. Hearts. Hearts all around.

24. What pretty embroidery!

25. The look she gives him!! Awww!

26. Stellar!

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Tetouania onfleek 💕Made by #hananexcellent 💕

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27. Stunning, as always.

28. What a beauty!

29. Tres chic!

30. Caftan on point

31. Mother-daughter moments make us cry- beautiful.

32. Belle of the ball- see below

33. 10 out of 10

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