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35 Desi weddings that will absolutely hit you in the feels

I'm not crying, you're crying.

1. Glowing, glorious – this has us hooked.

2. The coordination and the couple are beautiful!

3. #goals

4. This is legit priceless.

5. *Dream wedding*

6. Her dress is stunning.

7. On fleek, on point, on TOP OF THE GAME.

8. Her beauty is stunning.

9. The best wedding- summed up in one photo.

10. They’re rockin’ it.

11. They’re matching?? And they’re perfect?? What gives??

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For #WeddingWednesday I'm posting these two ?. One of my favorite parts of what I do is learning new things. I get to do something I genuinely love and I also get to forever be a student. I love listening to stories about family traditions and cultural traditions. For instance, #HinduBrides wear red during the marriage proceedings because in #indian context, red is also connected to the rising sun. According to astrology, the planet in charge of marriages, Mars, is red is color. Therefore, #Hindu #brides are asked to wear red since it stands for #prosperity and #fertility. It also represents #passion, #love, #commitment, #strength and #bravery. #fourseasonsevents #fusionweddings #indianweddings #hinduweddings #marriage

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12. Stunning!

13. The emotions are so high and so beautiful – heart wrenching.

14. The feels run strong with this one.

15. Woah.

16. Couples like this are a match made in heaven.

17. That smug look!

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Bride's sister takes maximum advantage of the ongoing Haldi ceremony to smear some extra haldi, extra hard on the bride! So much fun these Haldi ceremonies are! My love for Indian Weddings transcends the boundaries of a photography assignment. Be it that of friends or family, there hasn't been one wedding in the last five years that I've attended and not shot. And this includes my own wedding! For more stories like the one in this photograph, follow me on Instagram @polaroidelvin or let's meet over some hot coffee! #Hyderabad #AndhraPradesh #Telangana #Telugu #Sindhi #India #Weddings #IndianWeddings #HinduWeddings #AsianWeddings #Canon6D #Sigma #Canon #WedMeGood #ElvinJacob #WeddingPhotography #HussainSagar #IndianBrides #Smile #HaldiCeremony #IndianRitual #Mehendi #Yellow #Colours #Sister

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18. The look she gives him is stunning.

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For the last year I had to think of and work on the most unique yet grand-est outfits I've ever seen or done. After all, it was for two very special individuals who trusted me enough to say "we're going to leave it up to you to do whatever you think will look good". They never asked for a glimpse or even an idea, they waited until it was done and delivered to see what I had worked on for them (which gave me anxiety to see how they'd react lol). I can't thank them enough for trusting me to that extent to give me such a huge part of their day to work on with no questions asked. I can only wish them nothing but the best of EVERYTHING life has to offer and with that said…. I apologize in advance for the massive amount of posts I'll be doing over the next few days lol. #mikeandarteeslovestory #bollycouture #bollycbrides #customweddingoutfits #fallinspired #fallweddings #maharaniweddings #thebigfatindianwedding #dulhandiaries #desifashionista #indianbrides #hinduweddings bollycouturemen #dressyourface #bridalrangbysamiha #bollycbrides

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19. Cute!

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Phunny Phamily Photos!

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20. Gorgeous.

21. Photo shoot worthy.

22. This is the epitome of true love.

23. Inspired yet?

24. When you find ‘the one.’

25. Dramatic + pleasing.

26. Her saree is stunning!

27. Outfit = on point.

28. The joy is so apparent here!

29. Her henna is subtle and sweet.

30. Artsy couples pull heart strings.

31. Boogie on down to the hippest wedding in town!

32. Lovely wedding shoot.

33. The look between them!!

34. Aesthetically pleasing.

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